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Best Cat Trees for Big Cats 2019

Introduction With so many cats living indoors today, it can be hard for a kitty to get all of the exercise he needs! Big cats are common today and some of these cats need a way to climb and exercise. Cat trees are a great way for your big cat to burn some energy, sharpen […]

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Choosing the Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

Introduction Most pet cats today live indoors most or all of the time. In urban areas, especially, it can be quite dangerous for cats to wander the streets. Consequently, most of us have to find ways to make our homes “cat-friendly.” Veterinarians and behavior experts say that it’s important for a cat’s physical health and […]

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Best Cat toys for your indoor Cats 2019

Choosing the Best Cat Toys for Indoor Cats Introduction It wasn’t too long ago that most cats lived outside. If they wanted to entertain themselves they might hunt or seek out the company of another cat. Today many cats spend their lives indoors. For safety reasons they don’t go out hunting or prowling with other […]

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Find out about choosing Cat toys

Keeping cats physically active and mentally stimulated are essential to good feline care. Active cats are healthier and less apt to get into trouble due to boredom. Each cat will choose his or her favorite toys; here are some of the best toys for cats! The 6 best cat toys you can buy #1. Laser […]

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