Choosing the Best Cat Toys for Indoor Cats


It wasn’t too long ago that most cats lived outside. If they wanted to entertain themselves they might hunt or seek out the company of another cat. Today many cats spend their lives indoors. For safety reasons they don’t go out hunting or prowling with other cats. It’s up to a cat’s owner to provide fun and games to keep a cat happy and amused. Luckily for cats, there is a wide variety of toys and games to keep them happy. Here are some of the best cat toys for indoor cats.

The best cat toys for indoor cats

All of these cat toys are popular with cats. Your cat will probably like some toys more than others since every cat is an individual. All of these toys get high ratings from cat lovers who have purchased them. Remember that your cat will probably enjoy her toys even more if you spend time playing with her.

The 5 Best Cat Toys to Buy

#1. Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

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Three spinning multi-colored balls on this tower of tracks are irresistible to cats! Petstages Tower of Tracks is addictive to cats. It has three levels of tracks. Your cat chases the three brightly colored balls as they spin through each level. This toy is a great way to stimulate your cat’s senses and hunting instincts. Durably built and sturdy, the Tower of Tracks has a closed top so cats can’t get the balls. Perfect for one or more cats to play with at the same time. It provides non-stop play as your cat bats and chases the balls. The Tower of Tracks has a non-slip base so it won’t skid as your cat tries to get at the balls. This game provides your cat with both mental and physical fun. It’s a great way for your cat to get the daily exercise and excitement she needs!

#2. Munchiecat Sushi Toys for Cats and Kittens featuring Catnip Toys, Crinkle Paper Bells, and Rattles in a Bento-Style gift box – 8 piece deluxe set

best cat toys for indoor cats

Sushi Toys for Cats, Kittens

Made by Munchiecat, these Sushi toys for cats and kittens feature an assortment of colorful catnip toys, crinkle paper bells, and a rattle set. The sushi-themed toys will appeal to both you and your cat! Made from plush, non-toxic, pet-safe materials, Munchiecat’s toys won’t harm your cat when she plays with them. Unlike some other toys, there are no small parts that can break off and become a choking hazard. The designs are simple, safe, and durable. The 8-piece Sushi Deluxe gift set is the perfect size for your cat to bat around with her paws and carry. Toys include:

  • (4) Nigiri Sushi 1.5 x 3 inches, and (4) Maki Sushi 1.5 x 1.5 inches. Cats love to pounce on this sushi “prey”! These toys are soft and lightweight so they are easy for your cat to carry them.
  • The toys are made in small batches so they are fresh and of high quality. They are made with ultra-soft minky fabric, polyester fiber, organic catnip, crinkle paper, and bells sewn securely inside.
  • Beautifully packaged in a bamboo-print Bento-style gift box so these toys are perfect as a gift for any cat lover.
  • Munchiecat offers a money back guarantee, no questions asked, if your cat doesn’t love her new sushi toys.
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Any cat will love these sushi cat toys!

#3. MIBOTE 24-Piece Cat Toys in a Variety Pack for Kittens and Cats with Tunnel, Catnip, Fish, Interactive Feather Teaser Wand, Toy Fluffy Mouse, Crinkle Balls, and Bells

Mibote offers this 24-piece assortment of toys that kittens and cats will love! It comes with a cat tunnel, a cat teaser wand, a catnip fish, an interactive feather toy, a fluffy mouse, crinkle balls with bells, and a storage bag so you can put everything away when playtime is over.

best cat toy

MIBOTE 24Pcs Cat Toys Variety Pack for Kitten, Cat

The collapsible tunne folds down in seconds with side strips. It’s portable so you can take it wherever you and your cat go.

The large catnip fish is filled with PP cotton and catnip. It’s non-toxic and safe for your cat. It’s perfect for your cat to play with when you’re away from home.

The package includes:

A 2-Way Cat Tunnel, a Catnip Fish, a Teaser Wand, a Tumbler Toy,  2 Fake Fur Mice, 3 Cotton Mice, a Cage Mouse Ball, 2 Linen Balls, 2 Jingle Bell Balls, 2 Rainbow Color Balls, 3 Crinkle Balls, 4 Chew Sticks, and a storage bag.

Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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#4. Yofun Interactive Cat Toy, 3-In-1 Pink  Multi-Function Automatic Spinning Cat Toy, Ball Tumbler with Chaser Light And Food Dispenser For Cats and Kittens

Automatic Spinning Cat Toy Ball Tumbler

Yofun Interactive Cat Toy

Yofun’s amazing interactive cat toy combines three functions in one toy! It’s a spinning ball/tumbler that dispenses food. It has a red laser pointer for your cat or kitten to chase. And it has a feather-string attached to the ball at the top to attract your kitty’s attention, providing your cat with hours of fun. The tumbler will automatically spin on the floor while it shoots out a red light and drops food at the same time. What cat wouldn’t love this toy? All of these features are in one toy at a great value. After 10 minutes of spinning the spinning tumbler automatically shuts off. It’s perfect for cat lovers who can’t be home with their furry friends all the time. Just push the button again to reactivate the tumbler when you want more spinning. The tumbler is made of non-toxic and environmentally-friendly ABS material so it’s safe for both you and your cat. The red laser light has an output of less than 5 milliwatts which means it’s considered safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Adminisatration (FDA) and won’t cause potential harm to you or your cat. This 3-in-1 toy is a great way to keep your cat or kitten entertained.

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#5. AroPaw Cat Interactive Toy With Rotating Running Mouse And A Two-In-One Scratching Pad – Catch The Mouse – Catnip Toy Mouse (Catnip Not Included)

AroPaw Cat Interactive Toy With Rotating Running Mouse And A Two-In-One Scratching Pad - Catch The Mouse - Catnip Toy Mouse

Cat Interactive Toy With Rotating Running Mouse

AroPaw’s interactive cat toy has a fun running mouse and a scratching pad to encourage your cat to play and to provide a healthy scratching surface. This quality cat toy is perfect for cats of all sizes. It’s made from non-toxic hard plastic and it has rounded edges for safety. The mouse is firmly attached to the rotator so it won’t come out. This interactive toy encourages healthy movement and activity to enhance your cat’s health and wellbeing. It provides a good way for your cat to get some exercise in both body and mind. The mouse rotates based on your cat’s touch and continues to spin 360 degrees in both directions. Requires no batteries. The felt pad on top of the toy makes a terrific scratching pad to encourage healthy scratching habits and to help your cat clean his claws. Satisfaction from the manufacturer is guaranteed.

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Types of cat toys

You can get some idea of the kinds of toys cats enjoy from the toys we have recommended here. Cats have strong hunting instincts but most cats don’t get a chance to hunt outside now. They usually enjoy toys that let them simulate some of these activities. Chasing balls, feathers, and other interactive games that encourage cats to stalk and pounce are lots of fun for your cat.

Lightweight toys that your cat can bat around and chase – especially if they make some noise – are also favorites. Little crinkly balls, balls full of catnip, and balls with a jingling bell (as long as the bell is secure and can’t be swallowed) are also favorites.

Do be careful when choosing cat toys. It’s best to choose toys that don’t have small parts that can become detached which could pose a choking hazard. Make sure any bells or other interior parts are securely sewn inside. Painted toys should use paints that are non-toxic to pets.

Which toys are best?

As with other things, every cat is unique. Your cat may prefer to chase balls instead of feathers or vice versa. Some cats are more playful than others. Kittens and young cats tend to be more playful than older cats though many older cats still like to play. We suggest letting your cat try a range of toys to find out what kind of toys she prefers. Then you can stock up on some of her favorite kinds of toys.

Don’t be surprised if your cat sometimes likes to play with a piece of paper found in the floor instead of a more expensive toy. Cats can be very unpredictable at times! We also suggest that you save the boxes that cat toys come in. Many cats seem to enjoy squeezing themselves into boxes and temporarily ignoring everything else!


With most pet cats living indoors today, your cat depends on you to provide her with the mental and physical stimulation she requires. The best cat toys for your indoor cat will stimulate your cat’s instincts and help her stay physically and mentally fit. Along with these qualities, consider your cat’s safety when choosing toys. If you keep these things in mind, you should find some terrific toys that your cat will love.

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