Best Cat Trees for Big Cats 2021


With so many cats living indoors today, it can be hard for a kitty to get all of the exercise he needs! Big cats are common today and some of these cats need a way to climb and exercise. Cat trees are a great way for your big cat to burn some energy, sharpen his claws, play, snooze, and enjoy his time indoors. If you have a Maine Coon Cat or maybe your Persian mix is just a little overweight, we can tell you the best cat trees for big cats so your cat has plenty of fun in your home.

Best Cat Tree for heavy cats

Best Cat Trees for Big Cats

Top 3 Best Cat Trees for Big Cats Reviews

Looking for the best cat trees for large cats? Look no further! We have them for you right here.

#1. CatTreeKing – Corner Cat Tree XXL Light Grey – 59 inch/Cat Scratcher scratching post activity center

corner cat tree

Corner Cat Tree – Cat Scratcher scratching post activity center

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Your heavy cat will love the Cat Tree King Cat Tree for Large Cats / Cat Scratcher Scratching Post Activity Center. All of the poles of this big cat tree are fully covered with sisal rope from top to bottom so your cat can scratch to his heart’s content! The sisal is glued directly to the poles so if your cat breaks the rope, it won’t roll off the pole. The poles are made of strong ABS material so they’re very sturdy. The panels of the Cat Tree King Cat Tree are high quality plush at the bottom and top so there is no unfinished wood. This is unique among cat trees. The plush is glued to the panels over the entire surface so your cat can’t pull it loose.

The hammocks are weight-tested up to 44 pounds so they can hold even the heaviest cats! The cat tree is 59 inches tall and weighs 105 pounds so you know it will stand up to your big cat! The poles are 5 inches wide. Total size 59x24x22 inch. Comes in Light Grey.

Customers report that the cat tree is easy to assemble. This tree is expensive compared to some other cat trees, though it is quality workmanship. Most customers have been happy with the product though some reported that they would prefer carpet material instead of plush since it would be more durable.

#2. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture 72 in. High Loft

Go Pet Club is well-known for making cat tree furniture. This 72-inch High Loft has multiple condos, perches, and sisal rope-covered posts for scratching. The board panels are covered in faux fur. Boards are made of wood. It’s easy to assemble with step-by-step instructions and tools included.

Comes in black, brown, and other colors. Size: 33″W x 22″L x 72″ H Base Board Size: 23.5″W x 21.5″ L Size of Big Condo: 18″W x 12.5″L x 11.75″ H Size of Top Condo: 12″ W x 12″ L x 10 H Top 3 Perches: 12.75″ W x 12.75″ L x 2.25″ H. Most customers like the Go Pet Club Cat Tree.

They report that it is easy to put together but some had minor problems. They also report that most cats like the tree but not all. In a multiple cat home, three cats might love the cat tree and one won’t go near it for whatever reason. Some customers have added extra support brackets at the top.

Cat Tree for heavy cats

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture 72 in. High Loft

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#3. CozyCatFurniture Big Kitty Condo Cat Furniture for Large Cats Best Cat Condos, Beige Carpet

 Best Cat Condos, Beige Carpet

CozyCatFurniture Big Kitty Condo Cat Furniture for Large Cats Best Cat Condos, Beige Carpet

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The CozyCatFurniture Big Kitty Condo Cat Furniture for Large Cats is a good choice for large cats. It’s not as tall as some cat trees and it’s very stable and durable. The bed on top can support the biggest cat. Comes with a sisal rope scratching area a free cat toy is attached to the top nest.

Made in the USA with only the best materials. This is one of the best cat condos in the pet market and it fits anywhere in your home. Size: 20″ W x 20″ L x 33″ H. Covered in plush carpet. Made with solid wood posts. The base is 20” x 20”; the Condo is 14.5” x 14.5”. It has no glue or toxic materials. Ships fully assembled. Hand-built. Five Colors Available: Beige, Brown, Blue, Gray and Green. Carpet Color Shades May Vary.

This cat condo gets great reviews. One customer reported that the carpet had a strong chemical smell. One reported that the carpet was not exactly the same shade shown in the picture.

Types of Cat Trees for Big Cats

As cats have become more popular, the field of cat furniture has expanded. Today you can find all kinds of furniture for cats. There are now different kinds of cat trees, too. There are cat trees that feature lots of perches. Some cat trees have kitty condos. Some have hammocks. Some cat trees emphasize scratching posts. And some deluxe models combine lots of features. They can have perches, condos, hammocks, and scratching posts.

Even big cats like to climb, so one type of cat tree to consider is a tree that has perches and sleeping spots up high. Multiple perches are also a good choice if you have more than one big cat.

A staggered tower can also be a good choice. These towers have platforms at varying levels. Your cat can jump from level to level. If you have more than one cat, they don’t have to look at each other when they’re resting.

A climbing cat tree with various levels and condos is also a good choice since it gives your cat lots of options. Especially popular are versions that will fit in a corner.

Cat trees that emphasize scratching, with sisal or carpet-covered boards, are also a good choice for large kitties. They like to sharpen their claws as much as any cat.

If your big cat likes to run, play, and climb, look for a sturdy tree with lots of features like ladders, scratching posts, and sleeping spots. These trees often have hanging, swinging toys, too. Hammocks are also a nice feature that many cats enjoy as a sleeping spot. They are usually detachable so you can remove the hammock if your cat doesn’t like it.

Other types of cat trees for heavy cats feature tunnels and even stacked beds. Sometimes it’s not about how high the tree is but about having a comfy place that your cat can call his own. Not all big cats want to climb and jump, especially as they get older. You can really find just about any kind of tree that your cat might like. Just make sure that it’s well-made and uses safe, sturdy materials.

The important thing when choosing a cat tree is to select one that your cat will like. You know your cat best so try to get a tree that will appeal to your cat. Not every cat will like a condo or a hammock though some cats will love them. Many cats love to perch high – but not all. Get what your cat will like or, chances are that your cat won’t use the cat tree.

How to Choose the Best Cat Tree for heavy cats

When looking for a cat tree for a large cat you should look for the following characteristics:

  • Look for a tree that’s built with solid wood or similar strong materials. This could be plywood, oak, pine, or maple.
  • The tree should be well-balanced so it won’t tip over when your cat leaps on it and plays.
  • Make sure the tree has a good, wide base.
  • The tree must be able to hold a cat that weighs more than 30-50 pounds; more if more than one big cat will be using it.
  • A cat tree doesn’t have to be 10-feet tall in order for your cat to enjoy it. Taller trees can tip over more easily, especially if your cat likes to leap and pounce at the top of the cat tree.
  • Avoid any cat furniture that uses toxic materials.

For scratching posts we recommend posts that are covered with sisal rope or carpet.

If you’re buying a cat tree with condos, check the size of the condos and the openings. You want to make sure that your large cat will fit into them. Many cat condos are on the small side.

Many people will also want to make sure that a cat tree looks good in their home so consider the color and appearance of the tree. Cat trees covered in carpet or plush are often a neutral color so they will blend in with the furniture in a home. If you need a different color, some companies make cat trees in non-neutral colors.


Big, heavy cats need to run, play, and have their own special sleeping spots to snooze just as much as smaller cats. Luckily, cat furniture makers today are making some very good cat trees for large cats. When looking for a good cat tree, look at the materials used, the size of the tree, and how it’s made. Read customer comments. A good cat tree can last for years so choose carefully. If you choose a good cat tree, your cat will spend countless happy hours enjoying it.

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