What to Consider When Choosing a Cat Bed

“Catnap” is a great phrase which conjures up images of taking comforting and fulfilling daytime snoozes and that’s exactly what you would expect to see a happy pet doing in the home.

Choosing a Cat Bed

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To try and ensure that when your kitty takes forty winks they choose to sleep in their own space rather than curling up on your freshly-ironed pile of clothes, you need to choose an appealing and appropriate cat bed for them. When it comes to selecting a bed for your cat a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t really work. You should take the time to look at a variety of beds, maybe think outside the box and view a selection of heated cat beds at Amazon.com. Just like humans our feline friends have their own personal needs and preferences and with this in mind here are some points to consider before you head online or hit the shops to buy yours:

  1. The size of your cat is going to be the major factor in deciding which bed you choose, so do your research and be aware of how big your kitten is going to grow. If you are buying a bed for a young cat it may be worth selecting one with lower sides so that they don’t struggle to get in and out – this is a good tip for older cats too who may be less agile.
  2. When it comes to selecting the shape of your cat bed you will need to observe your cat in sleep, as well as consider where you are going to put the bed. Although the traditional image of a cat taking a nap is of a curled up kitty in a basket, many cats like to stretch out when they snooze. If your cat likes a good stretch while they sleep you may like to buy them a cat mat or a pillow. For cats who like hiding in airing cupboards, why not invest in a cat sleeping bag which your pussy can burrow and hide in?
  3. After size and shape, your main focus is likely to be durability and washability. You may choose a traditional wicker or plastic bed teamed with a pillow for your furry friend to snuggle up on. This is a great option to help you tie in the fabric of your bed with the existing décor in a room, but be sure to look out for those with removable covers to keep nasty odours to a minimum. Whether you are choosing a padded fabric bed, or a bed and cushion combo, your purchase will last longer if you are able to clean it easily.

The key to choosing the perfect cat bed is to remember to choose substance over style – it’s far more important to match a bed to your cat’s needs than to your own sofa, though with the massive range out there at the moment you are likely to be able to do both with considerable ease.

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