Buying a Cat Condo for Large Cats


Cat condos are one of the most popular kinds of furniture for cats. Cats love to hide in them, sleep inside, perch on top, and use them for scratching! A cat condo for large cats is perfect if you have a big cat that enjoys relaxing and playing at home. Plus, the best cat condo for large cats will be both stylish and functional. Here’s a look at what to expect in a good cat condo.


Cat Tree for Large Cats – Corner Cat XXL Light Grey

Our choice for the best cat condo for large cats is the Cat Tree for Large Cats – Corner Cat XXL Light Grey. This handsome cat condo/cat tree is 59x24x22 inch. With sisal scratching posts (5 inches in diameter), it’s also a cat activity center. This corner cat tree includes three places for your cat to lie: one large bed at the top (24x20x4.3 inches) with a 2-inch thick removable pillow; plus two large rotatable hammocks of 18 inches. The hammocks hold cats that weigh up to 44 pounds! So two large cats could share a hammock.

Cat Condo for Large Cats
Cat Tree for Large Cats – Corner Cat XXL Light Grey

The condo for large cats at the base is 22x12x10 inches with a large entrance so even very big cats can enter! Made of sturdy construction so even large cats won’t tip it over when they leap on it. Weighs 88 pounds. Customers report that it won’t wobble when big cats jump from it. Many customers say that this is the best cat tree for large cats and that it is easy to assemble. We also like the fact that it’s made to fit in the corner so it takes up much less space than many other cat trees for large cats.

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Types of cat condos for large cats

Cat condos are normally an enclosed area where your cat can sleep in peace or simply hide. Sometimes condos are attached to cat trees or activity centers so your cat has the option of sleeping or playing.

Originally square, today cat condos come in different shapes. Openings can be different shapes. Your large cat could have a round condo, a condo shaped like a birdhouse, or any kind of shape that appeals to you and your cat.

Beyond the basic condo, there are other features to consider for your cat.

Cat trees are vertical structures that encourage your cat to climb and leap higher. Many people like them because, since they are vertical, they take up less space in the home. Cats like them because they let the cat go high and look over everyone and everything like a king.

Cat gyms and activity centers are more elaborate than cat trees. They are also vertical but they can include ramps, hammocks, perches, and scratching posts. Some activity centers can be quite large and start to take up a lot of space in the home. They are often made with multiple cats in mind. Many of them enclosed enclosed spaces such as cat condos so your cat can hide and sleep.

Shelves and perches can be provided for cats to fit next to windows or as part of an activity center. Many cats enjoy sleeping on these perches, especially if they are covered with something soft as a bed. Shelves and perches can also come in sizes large enough for two cats to share.

There are even more kinds of cat furniture if you have specialized needs for your cat in your home but these are the most common kinds of cat condos and cat furniture seen. Many kinds of cat furniture today are modular and can be combined. This means that you can start with one piece and add more pieces later if you prefer. Or, you can buy something very creative such as a cat tree that is made to look like a tree!

Buying guide for cat condos for large cats

When buying any cat furniture you should consider several issues:

  • Consider your home. How large is your space? How large is the cat condo or cat tree you are considering? Know the dimensions of the product so it will fit in your space.
  • Consider your cat or cats. What kind of cat condo or cat tree will they like? Are they very active or do they prefer to sleep most of the time? How large are your cats? Make sure you get a condo that is large enough for your cat. With a cat tree, make sure it is sturdy enough to withstand your cat or cats jumping up or down from it.
  • Is the cat condo sturdy? Will the materials last? Is it easy to vacuum or clean? Read the customer reviews to see what other cat lovers say about it.
  • With cat trees, tall is good but the product must have a good base. Cats like to be up high but the last thing you want is for a very high cat tree to come toppling down in your home. Plus, if the cat tree rocks from side to side, your cat probably won’t want to use it.
  • Make sure any perches and hammocks are big enough for your large cat. If they are too small, your cat will shun them. Cats usually like perches that are right at the top of a cat tree but they have to feel secure in them.
  • The best advice we can offer is to weigh your large cat or cats so you know exactly how much they weigh. Check any products you are interested in to see how much weight they can carry. This way you will know, with certainty, whether a cat tree is made to bear the weight of your cat(s).


A cat condo for large cats might seem extravagant but they can be an essential part of your cat’s environment. Your cat needs a place to sleep and play and these condos are perfectly designed to suit him. The best cat condo for large cats can help make your cat very happy.

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