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Feline Hypertension

Feline hypertension is also known as high blood pressure. As the name suggests, this condition occurs whenever your cat’s blood pressure in the arteries is higher than it’s supposed to be. It can be quite serious since it can cause damage to many major systems besides the cardiovascular system such as the nervous system, eyes, […]

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Feline Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism is a condition characterized by increased levels of thyroid hormones. This affects various body systems such as the gastrointestinal tract and heart. Feline hyperthyroidism usually affects middle-aged to older cats. Cause Hyperthyroidism in cats causes increased circulation of thyroid hormones. This normally occurs because the gland has been affected by cancerous cells. Older cats […]

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Feline Hypercalcemia

Hypercalcemia is a condition that develops when there is excess calcium in the blood. This can potentially become a serious problems since having excess calcium circulating around can have a negative effect on the organs. Serious damage can occur if it lasts for too long. Cause Vets often can’t find an official reason for why […]

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Feline Anorexia

Anorexia in cats occurs whenever they lose their appetite. It’s not exactly a disease unto itself, but more like a symptom that something else is going on. Cats can develop serious issues such as hepatic lipidosis by going without eating, so it needs to be addressed quickly. Cause Loss of appetite in cats occurs whenever they aren’t […]

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Feline Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease in cats is also known as hepatic lipidosis. The condition occurs whenever an excessive amount of fat infiltrates into the liver and compromises its function. This condition is quite serious and will prove to be fatal if not treated. Cause When animals goes without eating, the body moves fat reserves to the […]

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Wintertime Dangers for Your Cat

When the weather turns cold outside, a whole new set of potential dangers presents itself to cat owners. While some of these hazards will only affect cats that spend a lot of time outdoors, some of them can affect indoor cats as well. Here are some of the most important for owners to worry about. […]

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How to make Trips to the Vet Easier

One of the most important things for you to do as a cat owner is to take occasional trips to the vet. No matter how healthy your feline seems, he still needs annual examinations to ensure that everything is fine. Unfortunately, most cats don’t particularly like going to the vet, especially since there is usually […]

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Tips for Diabetic Cat Care

As diabetes is such a common health condition, most people know at least a few things about it. However, many are surprised that their pets can become afflicted with the disease. Many cats go undiagnosed for long periods of time because their owners aren’t aware of the common diabetic cat care symptoms. The most common […]

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Feline Diabetes

Diabetes is a relatively common condition in cats. It usually affects older or obese cats, although any cat can be affected. Feline diabetes can’t be cured, but it can be effectively managed over time so your cat can lead a normal life. Causes Diabetes in cats affects males more often than females. Veterinarians don’t know […]

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Reasons Your Cat Won’t Use the Litter Box

Quite cat owners have stumbled upon something they normally find reserved for the litter box. There are various reasons why your cat would leave you such a surprise outside of the normal area. Here is a look at some of the various reasons why your cat won’t use the litter box. First and foremost, it’s […]

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