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Kitten Food

Kittens will need the right food for them to develop and grow into a healthy adult cat. So when feeding your kitten, you will have to give it the right one. Kitten food is specially formulated to suit the still-developing and highly-sensitive digestive system of a young cat. Kitten food has all the important nutrients […]

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The Importance of Kitten Collars

Kittens are naturally curious creatures. If they are kept inside your house, there is a big chance that they can sneak and explore the outdoors. Most of the time they get lost finding them is really hard. If they have a collar on, the person who finds your cat will know that somebody owns it. […]

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How to Make a Temporary Kitten Carrier

If you travel a lot and have to bring your kitten along with you, perhaps you will need a kitten carrier or kitten cage. This is important since it will keep your kitten safe inside one place. You just cannot leave them in your car or somewhere else because they might get lost. The problem […]

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The Advantage of Kitten Adoption

Kitten adoption is a good choice when you want cute little kitten in your home without spending much. Buying a cat from a pet store usually costs much than adopting one. You may be surprised to know that there are certain organizations that offer cats or kittens having specific breeds. There are so many breeds […]

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Caring for the ?Wild? Bengal Kittens

Bengal cats are cats with a “wild” look but have a very domesticated attitude. They are playful and very loyal to their owners. Though these cats may seem tough and hardy, as kittens, they still require care. How to care for a Bengal kitten Your pet will still depend on you for food, shelter, and […]

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10 Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

Before starting the tips let me ask you! Do you know how to talk to Your Cat? Yes, meow means something! What does it mean, you ask? Good question. It’s about the same as aloha in hawaiian. The meaning changes. Context matters hugely. Is it a mean meow, or a friendly one? What about the […]

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House Training: Guide to the Cat Litter Box

What type and size of litter box should I buy ? Initially, the size of the litter box should be determined by the size of the kitten or cat. A very small kitten may need a box with shorter sides for easier access. As the kitten grows, a larger box is appropriate. When finished growing, […]

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Which Cat Litter Do You Need?

No one really likes to deal with cat litter but if you have a cat in your home, it’s a necessity. So, the question becomes, which cat litter do you need? Or which one is best for your situation? If you choose a cat litter that your cat doesn’t like, he probably won’t use it […]

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