How to Make a Simple Kitten Toy

You do not have to spend money when your kitten needs a toy. You do not have to buy the ones sold in pet stores. All you need is your imagination and some materials that can be commonly found at home.

Paper, cardboard, rags, old socks, and yarn are just some of the materials you can use to make a toy for your kitten.

How to Make a Simple Kitten Toy

How to Make a Simple Kitten Toy

This article will show you how to make a simple toy for your kitten to spend hours on playing with. You will need the following things:

Old socks



Buttons (can be old ones)



Scratch paper

Old cloth

These are the materials you will need for the toy. You will make a simple cat toy for your kitten to play with.

Making the Head

Get your old sock and fill it with paper forming a circle. Make sure it is well packed that it is somehow hard enough. Cut the rest of the sock and put it aside. Sew the opening of the head.

Making the Body

Get another sock and fill it again with paper. Give it an oval shape. Pack it well also, it must be hard enough like the head. Sew the opening.

Making the Tail

In making the tail, you can use the piece of socks you cut off from the one you used from the head part. Sew one end first. Then fill it with a rag. Form it into a tail that is just proportional to the size of the body. Sew the other end.

Putting it Together

Sew all the parts you have together. Make sure you sew it well so that it would not rip apart easily when your kitten starts to play with it.

Add the buttons to make a face. Sew it or use glue to attach it to the head. Cut out ears from the cardboard and glue it to the head. You now have a homemade kitten toy.

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