Home Safety of Siamese Kittens

If you are thinking of buying a cat for the family, a Siamese cat is a good choice. Most people claim that this breed is the most popular one in the world, some may disagree, but it is indeed popular.

Home Safety of Siamese Kittens

Home Safety of Siamese Kittens

The Siamese breed originated in Siam, which is now called Thailand. There are several types of Siamese cats. Some of the common ones are the Burmese, Balinese, Ocicat, Himalayan, and the Javanese.

These cats are characterized by a mysterious looking face, with long and slender legs. They have large ears that have a sharp edge.

If you are buying a Siamese kitten, you must know that they are very curious little creatures. You must do some things to ensure their safety.

Keep your bathroom door closed always, or at least keep your toilet bowl closed after you use it. Siamese kittens are naturally attracted to water, so doing that will keep them from falling in your toilet. Keep breakable items on your shelf or on tables away. You can place them in a locked cabinet where you kitten cannot access.

They also like warm spots. So watch out for your refrigerator, they might get into the rear part and sleep there. Make sure that there will be no way for them to enter there. Keep toxic chemicals away locked away. Chemicals like anti-freeze is extremely poisonous to cats, especially kittens. Keep them away. Plants also should be kept out of the way. Your kitten may eat them and may cause problems too.

Siamese cats are not suitable for outdoors. Make sure they do not get out of your house. They are really very curious, so if they get out, they might end up getting lost. To make sure, give them a kitten collar with a tag containing your information. Your address plus contact number must be there.

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