How to choose the right toys and best food for your Cat ?

Caring for your cat is easy when you try to remember her origins. Being domesticated doesn’t mean you should abandon how she would live in the wild. Cats have evolved in the wild over millennia. They have been domesticated for a mere trifle in comparison.

An important part of that is finding a healthy cat food. Unfortunately, this can be a little more difficult than finding healthy food for yourself unless you know what to look for in a cat food, as cats have different nutritional needs than we do.

How to Choose the Best Cat Food

How to choose the right toys and best food for your Cat ?

How to Choose the Best Cat Food ?

What To Avoid

Cats require protein as their main ingredient in food, but unfortunately, many pet food companies cut corners and use cheap sources of protein as the main ingredient. Avoid cat foods using meat byproduct meals or meat and bone meal as the main source of protein. These byproducts meals can vary a great deal from one batch to another so they are not a reliable nutrition source for your companion. They are inexpensive rendered products that are cheap for pet food companies to use.

In general, it is best to stay away from any foods that use various meat byproducts as the main source of protein. While using them occasionally may be okay, it is best to choose a higher quality source for their regular food. These byproducts are made from a variety of leftover parts and organs, in some cases even diseased or dying livestock, that are not acceptable for human consumption.

What To Look For

Instead look for meat sources that are named, for example, chicken meal. A quality named meat source should be the first ingredient in a healthy cat food. Often times choosing brands that are promoted as “natural”, or better yet organic, is a good idea. While the term natural can be somewhat misused at times, more times than not these pet foods will use better ingredients. This is especially true if you choose a trusted brand that has a history of making higher quality natural foods.

Many quality cat foods will also add ingredients like flax seeds, probiotics, and enzymes. They will also use vitamins C and E as preservatives instead of things like BHA and BHT.

Since proper nutrition is a basis for a healthy life choosing a healthy cat food is important. It can help keep your cat’s immune system strong and give her the nutritional profile she needs to help her live a healthier life.

How to choose a toy for your Cat ?

Your cat also requires good toys to keep its playful lifestyle going on well. For this to happen they must be perfect. The cat toys you should have for your cat include;

1. Petstages Cat Cuddle Coil soothing toy. The Cat Cuddle Coil soothing toy is perfect for any kitten or cat and can be considered a toy as well as a safe area for napping or hiding out. The Petstages Cat Cuddle Coil soothing toy is made of colorful nylon and is lined with a cuddly, soft material allowing your cat even more comfort. Your cat will find many uses with the Cat Cuddle Coil soothing toy and will offer hours of enjoyment.

2. Petlinks System Fun Beam. The Petlinks System Fun Beam is a laser light beam toy that your cat will go crazy for. The Petlinks System Fun Beam will provide your cat with the exercise that he needs while enjoying some interactive playtime with you. The Petlinks System Fun Beam will get your cat running and jumping and will definitely keep him entertained.

3. Petstages Cat Nip Chew Mice. The Cat Nip Chew Mice are a fun toy for your kitten or cat to play with and are beneficial to your cat’s dental health as well. The Petstages Cat Nip Chew Mice are mouse shaped catnip filled toys that your cat will love to play with. They are covered with a netted material that is chew resistant and not harmful to your pet. Your cat will not be able to resist chewing on the Petstages Cat Nip Chew Mice and will actually remove tartar and act as a dental floss.

You can find the best cat products from All that your cat wants can be found here and will help you and your cat bond more perfectly since she is having all she wants.

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