Fire Safety Tips for Cat Owners

Unfortunately, fires in the home are very common occurrences. If you have a cat, then the risk increases just a bit since they’ve been known to cause a fire or two. These tips will help keep this from happening to you.

First of all, everyone needs to have a fire escape plan, pet owner or not. When creating the plan, make sure that you include your pet however. Many people overlook this vital member of the family. Just like you have a special emergency kit for all of the humans in the household, make sure that you have one for your cat. Put a decal on the front and back exterior windows so that firefighters know that a pet lives there.

Fire Safety Tips for Cat Owners

Fire Safety Tips for Cat Owners

It is also a good idea to avoid having any open flames around your cat. I’m sure you’ve heard that cats are curious by nature. They may come inspecting the area and accidentally knock the flame over with their tail or something. You especially never ever want to leave a candle burning whenever you’re not around. If you insist on using candles for some reason, then use flameless candles instead. They make use of a light bulb instead of actual fire.

Cats can also start a fire on the stove accidentally. They can do this simply by turning one of the knobs on the stove. If something flammable is on top, then it can especially be a problem. An easy precaution to take is to take the knobs off the stove before you leave home or even go to bed at night.

Cats like to play with strings and cords. Unfortunately, this includes live electrical cords also. Although you may not be able to keep them completely away from your curious cat, you can at least make a good effort. Bind them all together in a bundle and try to hide them away as best you can.

During the winter months, those with a fireplace may choose to operate a fire. Your cat may prefer to keep cozy by the fireplace. If they have a bed near the area, then it’s best to use a fireplace guard. You don’t want a spark to ignite any nearby bedding.

Potentially having their feline start a fire is something that may owners don’t think about. Although it may not happen with great frequency, it is possible. If you take the proper precautions, then you have to worry a little less about this possibly happening to you and your cat.

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