Feline Hypertension

Feline hypertension is also known as high blood pressure. As the name suggests, this condition occurs whenever your cat’s blood pressure in the arteries is higher than it’s supposed to be. It can be quite serious since it can cause damage to many major systems besides the cardiovascular system such as the nervous system, eyes, and kidneys.

Feline Hypertension


There are two different forms of hypertension in cats, namely primary and secondary. Primary occurs when high blood pressure is the disease itself. Although suspected to be caused due to genetic reasons, there is no conclusive proof.

The secondary form occurs whenever caused by another health problem. For example, conditions that cause hormones to fluctuate may be responsible like hyperthyroidism. Renal disease is also common culprit.


There are plenty of different signs of feline hypertension, although they aren’t always specific to the condition. They include disorientation, vision problems, bloody urine, and dilated pupils. There may also be bleeding from the nose and the kidneys may become misshapen.


The process of diagnosing hypertension in cats involves taking their blood pressure reading. This is quite similar to the readings that humans undergo, with the cuff being placed on your cat’s tail or leg. Approximately five readings or so will need to be taken to get an appropriate measurement. Your cat could have a higher blood pressure than normal just based on the stress involved with making the trip to the vet.


Of course, other health problems that may be causing secondary hypertension will need to be addressed first. Medications can be taken to control high blood pressure if your cat is battling it on a chronic basis.

Regular trips to the vet will be necessary to monitor the condition and also see if the cat is responding well to any medications. It can take a bit of trial-and-error to get the appropriate treatment regiment down. The type of drug or simply its dose may need to be changed until the condition has been corrected.

Diet also plays an important role in the management of feline hypertension. Cats will need to be fed a diet that has less sodium in it. Consuming sodium will help raise blood pressure.

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