Can I Prevent My Cat from Getting a Cold in winter?

I made a small doc for all the cat owners to make everyone aware of cat flu and winter clod of cats..hope it will help

Can I Prevent My Cat from Getting a Cold in winter?

Can I Prevent My Cat from Getting a Cold in winter?

Cat flu

Cat flu (also known as upper respiratory tract disease) is a general term used to describe common set of symptoms of the upper respiratory tract. The symptoms are similar to that of a cold or flu in humans.

What causes cat flu?

Cat flu is caused by several pathogens (disease causing organisms).

The most common causes are feline herpes virus (FHV), feline calicivirus (FCV), feline reovirus, Bordetella bronchiseptica, and feline Chlamydophila (Chlamydophila felis). FHV and FCV are by far the most common cause of cat flu, being responsible for 80% of cases. FHV typically is the more severe of the two.

How is cat flu spread?

Direct contact: Infection is passed from a sick or carrier cat via eye, nasal, and mouth discharges.

Indirect contact (fomites): Contaminated food bowls, bedding etc. Calicivirus is resistant to many disinfectants and can live in the environment for long periods of time.

What are the symptoms of cat flu?


A thick, sticky eye discharge also occurs with cat flu. Corneal ulcers may develop. Eyes become red and inflamed (conjunctivitis) .


Sneezing and nasal discharge are common symptoms of cat flu.


When an infection takes hold, the body responds by increasing its temperature. This can make your cat feel generally unwell


Ulcerations of the mouth and tongue may develop, making eating painful.

Loss of appetite:

A cat with the flu will often lose its appetite. This is made worse by the nasal discharge, which affects the cat’s sense of smell.

Dehydration is another concern with the sick cat. It feels too poor to drink and thus quickly dehydrate

How is cat flu treated?

Seek veterinary advice immediately and Plenty of tender, loving care is required.

How is cat flu prevented?

Make sure your pets’ vaccinations are kept up-to-date. Vaccinating your cat will protect it against FHV and FCV .

Can I catch colds and flu from my cat?

No, it is not possible to catch a cold or flu from your cat, nor can your cat catch a cold or flu from you

Can I Prevent My Cat from Getting a Cold in winter?

During the winter season, you may see your feline sneezing more than usual. It’s normal for cats to sneeze occasionally,but when the bitter winter chill sets in, you may want to monitor cat’s sneezes a little more closely. Dr. Ira M. Zaslow of Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists advises that cat parents be on the lookout for a runny nose, watery eyes, more sleeping than usual, a general listlessness, and a low-grade fever if you can get that thermometer in. One of these signs indicates your cat’s cold is just starting; however, two or more of the cold signs warrant a trip to your veterinarian for medication to help speed the run of her germ’s course.

Unfortunately, when cat cold germs are in the air and Fluffy’s immunity is lowered from expending more energy to stay warm, there’s really nothing you can do to keep her well other than keeping her dry and away from drafts. Some cats live their entire lives without ever catching a cold, while others may fall ill every winter season.

What to do in the situation?

What matters most is keeping her as healthy as you can with nutritious food and a clean environment and hope she has a strong constitution. Make sure she doesn’t get wet under any circumstances. Keep her away from drafts and have a blanket nearby for her to get cozy in. gently wipe her nose and eyes with a fluffy cotton ball, and bless her every sneeze bringing her to the vet and administering medication to her.

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