How to Make a Temporary Kitten Carrier

If you travel a lot and have to bring your kitten along with you, perhaps you will need a kitten carrier or kitten cage. This is important since it will keep your kitten safe inside one place. You just cannot leave them in your car or somewhere else because they might get lost.

The problem is, most kitten carriers cost a lot. Some of them may cost even up to hundreds of dollars. If you do not have that money yet, you can make your own cage without spending that much.

How to Make a Temporary Kitten Carrier
How to Make a Temporary Kitten Carrier

This article will show you how to make a makeshift kitten carrier. You will need only a few things. You must remember that this is only a temporary one, and has to be replaced soon.

You will need an old box that is big enough for your kitten to move around. Make sure there is enough space for it to sit down, lie down, and stand up. After finding the right box size, cut some holes around it. Make it at least one inch big.

Cut holes on the top and on the sides. After doing that, check the bottom part of the box and make sure it can hold the weight of your pet. If you think it is not strong enough, reinforce it by adding some tape at the bottom and at the sides.

Line the bottom of the box with a plastic. This will prevent the box from soaking when your kitten urinates. Tape this plastic well at the sides of the box well. Make sure that it would not get removed easily. Add some shreds of paper so that it will be comfortable.

You now have a makeshift kitten carrier. Though this one is temporary. You will have to make a new one, or buy a permanent one from your local pet shop.

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