The 6 Best Cat Litter for Odor Control 2023

If you are looking for best cat litter for odor control, then you are definitely at the right place. Basically, since the market for cat litter is recently crowded by both genuine and counterfeit items, it is ideal you research first before considering any purveyor of such products.

Be assured that experimentation will assist you be in a position to distinguish between legit traders of such items from fake ones. Courtesy of fact- finding, you will also be able to locate a reliable seller of best cat litter that will assure you with satisfactory services and/or affordable quotes.

What To Look For In Cat Litters?

Knowing the different types of kitty litters is not enough. You need to shop for a product that is highly absorbent, masks odor, and easy to clean.

Highly Absorbent

This is, in fact, one of the most important considerations when shopping for the best kitty litter for odor control. You can choose between clumping and non-clumping formulas.

Clumping formula is normally composed of bentonite (a highly absorbent clay material) that creates solid clumps when it comes in contact with your cat’s waste.

Clumping makes scooping and cleaning the box remarkably easy. However, clumping litters are non-biodegradable, dusty, and can be heavy to move.

On the other hand, non-clumping litter is made from other clay materials. This kind of formula will absorb waste, but will not form clumps.

Non-clumping litter gets fouler sooner rather than later and you are likely to leave some waste behind when you clean the tray.

Easy To Clean

The best cat litter for odor control is one that is easy to clean. When choosing between clumping and non-clumping formulas, you should consider one that is easy to scoop.

Usually, the most convenient choice is clumping litter because it is highly absorbent and easy to scoop. Many, but not all, clumping litters can be flushed down the toilet along with urine and poop.

Ability to Mask Odor

Litter additives intended to absorb or mask litter box smell can be objectionable to your cat due to their strong scent or the increased dust they add to the box.

However, you need a formula that is capable of masking the smell. Therefore, you should choose a product that does not present an excessively strong scent that your cat cannot tolerate.

Low Tracking

You also need to choose a low tracking litter that will not stick to your cat’s feet. You do not want your kitty to spread the litter all over the house, giving you extra cleaning chores.

Tips to Help with Odor Control

  • Keep your kitty litter box in a highly ventilated area. Do not keep it in a closed location; this may make it harder for you to control the smell.
  • Scoop the tray on daily basis. You do not want the old waste to stay in the box for more than a day or else the smell will be hard to eliminate. And the kitty may probably avoid the box because of the old waste.
  • Make an effort to replace the cat litter at least twice a week. You are likely to miss some small clumps of waste when scooping. So, replacement of the formula helps to maintain total hygiene.
  • Settle for a litter product that smells right for you and your cat. Avoid heavily scented products that may be harmful to your kitty.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for in the market when shopping for cat litter, let’s go ahead and review our top five picks for your selection.

Best Cat Litter for Odor Control

Purina Tidy Cat Breeze Litter System Pellet Refills

This is an effective product meant to control odor and has been confirmed effective by most of its users. This item will allow the cat’s urine to pass through it so as to control its odor.

The product also has the capacity of dehydrating solid waste in order to prevent tracking. In addition to these merits, the item allows for easy and quick litter box maintenance.

Ensure you buy this type of litter important for odor control from a reliable dealer so that you can end up reaping the merits associated with it.

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cats Attract Scoopable Litter

This kind of cat litter is made using natural products; a factor that assures its users that their pets will not experience any harmful effects once they expose it in the environment.

It is designed in such a manner that it can assist bring problem pets back to litter box.

When compared to other items meant to serve the same function, Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cats Attract Scoopable Litter has been proved to be a great training litter.

Ensure you adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines when using this kind of cat litter appropriate for odor control so that you can benefit from it.

Ever Clean Extra Strong Cat Litter, Unscented

The product is a little bit inexpensive when compared with other kinds of cat litter meant to control odor and thus most people can afford it.

It is made using activated carbon, which eliminates smell on contact. Also, it has antimicrobial agents which inhibit growth of bacteria odor on the litter box. Its unscented formula is often easy
on people with sensitive noses.

This is considered a very great product that will supply you with a lot of merits if you will utilize it appropriately.

Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Clumping Litter

The product is hypo-allergenic i.e. it has no plant proteins. Also, it has no deodorants or perfumes and thus appropriate to be used by people with sensitive noses. Its superior odor and multi- cat formula is meant to keep your house smelling fresh and clean daily.

Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Clumping Litter has the capacity of preventing moisture from arriving at the bottom of litter box. Experts have concluded that the product is ideal for mechanical/ sitting litter boxes.

Arm and Hammer Multi- Cat Clump & Seal Clumping Litter

This product is 100 percent dust free platinum formula meant to control odor. It has the potential of controlling odor in homes with more than one cat.

Arm and Hammer Multi-Clump & Seal Clumping Litter has rock- hard clumps that are designed in such a manner that they can control odor efficiently and effectively.

The product is not expensive and therefore most people can afford to buy it and end up reaping from it. Be informed that the product has seven day- smell free house guarantee.

World’s Best Litter Multiple Cats Clumping Formula

This kind of cat litter for controlling odor is environmental friendly i.e. it is people, planet, and pet friendly. It is 99 percent dust free and thus does not easily cause detrimental effects once used.

However, the product must be stored in a bag or bin that is sealed so as to maintain its strength.

Make sure you apply this product in accordance to the manufacturer’s guidelines so as to reap effectively from it. Let us now discuss about other tricks you can adhere to when eliminating litter odor.

Purina Yesterday’s News

[img_products img_code=”811FaBCk4lL” alt=”Purina Yesterday’s News” code=”B0002AQ0BQ” reviews=”View on Amazon”]

Last on our list is the famous Purina Yesterday’s News. This litter is highly recommended by veterinarians in the United States.

This unique formula is created from recycled paper, and it has superior moisture absorption when compared to conventional clay-based litter.

The recycled paper pellets are non-abrasive and paw-friendly, they will never hurt your kitty. It is low tracking so you don’t have to worry about the messy floor.

Is your kitten sensitive to harmful chemicals? If she is, then the Purina Yesterday’s News will offer her the much-needed peace because it is free of dangerous chemicals.

This product is not easy to scoop since it is non-clumping. You will have to remove the upper layer in order to access the wet litter at the bottom before you return the dry litter.

Tricks for Getting Rid of Litter Odor

In addition to using any of the afore- mentioned litters for controlling odor, there are other alternative options, which are worth investigating.

Therefore, aside from using any of these cat litters, here are the other tips you should as well put into consideration;

Picking an Appropriate Location

Litter boxes are not the most attractive items to have in your home. Therefore the temptation to push them away in any of the barely used rooms is always there.

This is not an ideal option and your pet will not buy such an idea either.

It is important you consider placing the litter box in a place that is well ventilated which preferably provides your pet some privacy.

Generally, a room that has a window which you can often leave open is normally considered an ideal place whereby you can place the litter boxes.

This will assist the smell disperse fast, so that eventually it does not hit you once the moment you will walk in the room after your cats have finished their business.

Freshening Up the Room

While several of the above mentioned cat litters for fighting odors have built-in freshness mechanism, you can boost this by utilizing a few other ideas.

One of the appropriate alternatives is plugging in air fresheners. This is because they are passive and often very cheap.

They come also with refill bottle which will allow a person to easily change the smell every now and then.

Generally, the strength of scent can normally differ hugely between refills and/or models.

If you feel the smell is a little bit stronger, it is important you consider placing it slightly far away from your litter box so as not to prevent your pets from visiting.

Since pets use their scent when marking their territory, you should not overpower them with fragrance as this may make them turn their noses up at your litter box.

Another option is using cat litter deodorizers. Deodorizers normally come in either spray or powder form and normally can be used on any litter to help in odor elimination.

Cleaning Often and Thoroughly

You should develop a habit of cleaning the litter box more often. Ensure that you scoop any type of solid immediately or once it accumulates on the litter box.

This will give you the best opportunity of dealing with nasty smells as they will not have time of spreading in the space whereby the litter box is situated.

Ideally you should make sure you clean out your tray more often and replace carefully the litter in your box at least twice every week.

According to research, a week is often the absolute longest a person must leave between cleaning out his/her litter box.

Basically, when cleaning your box remove all litter inside it and scrub carefully the box using warm water and soap.

If you are experiencing difficulty when getting rid of ammonia, use any effective odor removing spray to remove it.

It is safe to make use of a clean litter box around kids and pets, since it is not be associated with any healthy concerns.

Filling with Enough Litter

Most people have the tendency of not putting enough litter in their tray. This is mostly because they do not want to waste litter.

If you want good protection against odor, it is ideal you develop a habit of filling your tray with at least 2 to 3 inches of litter.

Generally, this is especially essential with clumping litters, since it will make sure all liquids are properly captured and/or locked in before reaching the bottom of your tray.

Using Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

If you cannot bit the odor in the box using the afore- mentioned products or tips, or if you cannot adhere to cleaning out your litter box more often, you should think of buying a type of litter box that cleans itself.

However, the downside with such type of litter box is that it is very costly and therefore very people will afford to buy it.

Let us now look at several tips which can assist you to choose a good cat litter important for odor control which will suit your different needs perfectly.

Types of Cat Litters

There are several types of cat litters you can consider for your kitty, which include:


This is one of the most widely available types of litter in the market. It can range from torn-up paper to pellets. Instead of being able to top this type of litter up, it has to be completely replaced every two days.

Typically, paper litters have less odor control when compared to other forms of odor control. The paper type helps you save on kitty litter.

In fact, you can make your own paper kitty odor control. Most pet owners make their own kitty litter from the shredded newspaper.

If you have a paper shredding machine in your home office, just feed your old newspapers through the machine, and place a good amount of the shredded paper in the cat’s litter box.


This type of odor control can be dusty as it is made from silica crystals. This kind of litter is able to perform a sudden surface assimilation of smells and urine. The water evaporates immediately, leaving the cat box completely dry.

The silica crystals will absorb the kitty urine without letting the formula get clumped, as such you would not require any additional product to control the odor. Do not worry if the granules change color, as this will not affect the formula’s absorbing power.

However, crystal cat litter tends to be more expensive than other kinds of cat litter. Plus, it can be hazardous to your cat if she eats or licks any of the crystals that might stick to her fur. In addition, some cats don’t like to walk to crystals so they can be less inclined to use this kind of litter.


Clay kitty litter is one of the inexpensive choices and it is remarkable at absorbing urine. It also scoops easily to get rid of the feces. Pure clay formula is not too great at odor control; so, you can consider products that are incorporated with baking soda or fragrance to mask odors.

You use only a small amount of this litter at a time, about an inch deep in the tray. We strongly urge you to completely replace clay litters frequently because they are dusty and can pose a health risk for your kitty.

Clumping Clay

Clumping clay cat litter is widely available. Most cats like it and it’s easy to clean up the litter box with this kind of litter. Any moisture in the litter will form a nice “clump” that is easy to remove. However, it tends to be dusty and heavy.

The clumping associated with this formula results from the use of bentonite clay that is very effective at capturing urine before it sinks to the bottom of the box and holds it in a clump.

This makes maintaining the kitty tray a breeze. Just scoop everything solid daily and add fresh litter. About once a month, you should dump all the litter and replace with clean one.

For odor control, baking soda and fragrance are usually added to these products, especially for multi-cat formulas.

Non-Clumping Clay

Non-clumping clay cat litter is another option. This kind of clay litter is not as easy to clean and you have to clean the litter box more often. That’s because it doesn’t form those nice, easy to remove clumps.

The cat litter you choose for your cat will probably depend on which litter your cat likes the best. If you’re not sure which litter to get, you can narrow down your choices and try a couple of different litters in different litter boxes. See which litter your cat prefers.

Biodegradable cat litters

Made from materials such as wheat, corn, pine. These litters don’t usually clump but they are normally low-dust or no-dust. The one drawback is if your cat has an allergy to one of these ingredients, she will often have a reaction to the litter since cats usually manage to eat or lick some of the litter when they are grooming themselves.

Choose the Best Litter Ideal for Odor Control: What You Need to Know

Looking for Cat Litters Ideal for Odor Online

You can access easily any kind of info about cat litter as long as you can utilize properly your tablet, laptop or smartphone and internet connectivity.

Search on your gadget, ways of finding reliable purveyors dealing with the best litters, and a step-by-step guide to which you can adhere will be offered.

However, only liaise on content you are guaranteed is being generated by genuine sites in order for you to effectively eliminate the chances of being misled.

Reference and/or Knowledge

Relatives, co- workers or even buddies that may have bought and reaped merits from litters for eliminating odor can assist you to become more knowledgeable about the subject matter of interest.

It is ideal that such people inform you about everything they know about their cat litters including where they purchased them, the benefits they are experiencing by utilizing them and the money amount they incurred when buying them.

Visiting the Dealers of You’ve Located

Visit several traders of cat litters essential for odor control you have managed to located and inquire more about their items and/or services.

It is important that these dealers you opt to promote connect you with several of their previous clients so that you can chat with them and confirm if in deed their products are original or if themselves they are trustworthy.

Do not consider any dealer of cat litters that fail to link you with their previous consumers as it indicates he/ she is untrustworthy or hiding some negative info about his or her products.

Considering Insured/ Licensed Dealers of Cat Litters Appropriate for Odor Control

It is very important you consider buying your item from a seller who is insured as he or she will ensure you do not incur damages caused by his or her own negligence.

Ensure also you promote a licensed seller for cat litter since it is a way of promoting a person that is legit or one that is recognized by your government.

Buying the Best Litter from an Experienced Dealer

An experienced seller of the product you intend to buy will likely offer you better terms than a person who is new in such a line of business.

Make sure therefore that you promote a purveyor that is not only experienced, and qualified but competent as well.

Considering a Trader With Quality Products and/or Affordable Quotes

You should eventually eliminate several traders selling the best products you have managed to locate and remain with about five to put into consideration.

In the long run, promote a seller you are sure is selling the best litter appropriate for odor control which does not only assure clients with affordable quotes but also very satisfactory and appealing services.

Tips and Warnings

  • Make sure you adhere to the guidelines of the manufacturer(s) when using cat litter essential for odor control so that you can experience its effectiveness. Be informed that failure to follow instructions offered may result in you wasting your time and/or money since you will not encounter the merits associated with the product.
  • Keep the product in a safe place away from kids since they may tamper with it or use it in a manner that it can end up causing detrimental effects on their health.

Bottom Line

Since the pros associated with the best litter ideal for odor control outweigh the cons, ensure you make use of such products as soon as now if you own cats in your premises so that you can end up reaping the various pros associated with them.

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