5 Of The Best Cat Litter Boxes For Traveling 2023

Traveling with a cat is never an easy feat. Cats like routine and predictability, which is why traveling with them, if not on a regular basis, is stressful for both the cat and the owner.

When you face the inevitability of needing to travel with your furry friend, be it for a vacation, a trip to your hometown or when going camping, it is important to be prepared.

Basic things to prepare before a long trip include cat food, water, toys, medicine (if needed), and of course, the litter and litter box. Unlike dogs that can just go anywhere on the side of the road, most felines prefer having their own litter box. Unless you have time to train your cat to get used to a leash and relieving itself in unfamiliar areas, you will need a special litter box when going on trips.

Now, a typical dilemma for cat owners when traveling is finding a litter box that is portable and can fit (ergonomic) in the car. You cannot use the original litter box when traveling because it is bulky, and taking it out several times during the trip would not be practical.

Luckily for you, we have reviewed the top litter boxes available on the market. These top products are best suited for a life on the go.

Portable cat litter boxes, which is also called as foldable or collapsible litter boxes, are particularly made to be lightweight and compact. These are typically smaller in size compared to the litter box you have at home and are sold in different colors, designs, and materials.

Top 5 Best Cat Litter Boxes For Traveling

#1. Best Foldable Cat Litter Box – Misyue Cat Collapsible Litter Box

Foldable options are available for those with minimal space in the car. You can easily whip it out when your cat needs to go, and then set it aside. The exterior part of this litter box is made from a strong nylon fabric that can hold up to 30lbs, while the interior is made from waterproof PEVA with a seamless waterproof line.

The box was made to be durable enough to endure scratches. This 15.6×11.8×3.9-in litter tray is easy to clean and can be folded down to a size slightly larger than a standard wallet. The Misyue Cat Collapsible Litter Box is definitely a good choice when you are going on a road trip with your beloved cat.

#2. Best Sealable Cat Litter Box – A4Pet Portable Cat Travel Litter Box

If you are sensitive to smells, you should opt to buy litter boxes that you can seal to lessen odor in the car. The A4Pet litter box is leak-proof so you do not have to worry about carrying it and spilling litter all over the floor.

The A4Pet Portable Cat Travel Litter Box is made from durable oxford fabric, and its 15x15x4-in size is designed to fit all cat sizes without taking too much space. It is light-weight and as portable as it comes, offering you convenience wherever you go and the best comfort for your pet cat. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, don’t you think?

#3. Best Enclosed Cat Litter Box – Coopeter Portable Cat Litter Box

Just like us, cats need their private space, too. For extra privacy, you can choose to buy an enclosed litter box. The Coopeter Portable Cat Litter Box has a seamless design and is made from waterproof 600D oxford material and PVC lining which save you the trouble of leaks.

Its bag-like style with straps helps you carry it everywhere, and it has double pockets to put the litter scoop and other cat accessories in. At a size of 17.7x11x11-in, it ensures plenty of space for the cat litter and for your kitty to move around freely. It’s definitely luxury at its finest you feline pal.

#4. Best Disposable Cat Litter Box – Nature’s Eco Cat Tray Disposable Litter Box

If you’re going on a camping trip, a litter box is included in the 41-item checklist for camping with cats. This portable litter box is an excellent option since it’s nature-friendly. It is made from recyclable paper, making it disposable, waterproof, and also minimizes odor.

Another great thing about this product is its tray. It is pre-filled with highly absorbent, 100% recycled paper litter pellets, specially made to prevent tracking and marking floors.

You don’t have to worry about the litter all over your car! The Nature’s Eco Cat Tray Disposable Litter Box comes with five trays, which generally last a week for one cat. Peel off the perforated lid and dispose of it when fully used.

#5. Best Versatile Cat Litter Box – Kitty Obsession Cat Carrier

This all-around cat carrier with a litter box is a must-buy product for any cat parent who constantly travels. Once you have this carrier, you are not going to need anything else.

The Kitty Obsession Cat Carrier comes with a lot of features. It has a wipeable and durable interior fabric, a washable interior fabric, and a removable faux fur pad. This 19x12x14-in carrier has six separate compartments for food, water, scooper, toys, treats, trash bags, and a portable litter box.

You cat will be perfectly relaxed inside the carrier and when it needs to go. Just take out the litter box from the compartment – an all-in-one cat travel product! This is a must-have for every cat that goes on traveling.


Cats have a tendency to sleep and relax whenever they can. This is especially true for domesticated feline pets. With that, it is ideal for a house cat to stay in one place. But when you need to (or choose to) go on a long-distance trip with your kitty, be sure that you prioritize its comfort. If this is the first time your feline will be traveling, allow ample time for it to acclimate to the car’s environment.

It is also important to secure a clean litter and the litter box must be secured on every trip. Remember, a clean cat is a happy cat and a stress-free purr-parent!

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