Why Do Cats Snore?

Why do cats snore? Is cat snoring normal? Cats love to sleep and we all know that. Cats snore while sleeping and they are sort of stress reliever for them as well as a major risk to their lives. there are many cat snoring causes which may affect the cat health. Today we are going to discuss cat snoring and the reasons behind their snore.

Why Do Cats Snore?
Do Cats Snore?

Why my Cat Snores?

In some cases, it is quite normal for cats to snore. When cats are relaxed in their sleep, they snore at that time. But also in some cases, it is not normal. There can be a major reason behind their snoring. But what are the cat snoring causes?

One of the many reasons behind a cat snoring could be illness and diet problems also. In some cats, due to some allergic reactions cat snores. Some more cat snoring causes we are going to tell further are below.

What are the causes of cat snoring?

Many causes are behind the snoring of cats. But what are they? Is it normal? well, read below to know about these causes for snoring in cats

  • Weight disorder in cats is the main cause behind the snoring of cat. When the airways in the cat are surrounded with fats in the tissues, they cat start to snore. It is probably because of the overweight of cats.
  • Sickness like cold, fever, cough can cause snoring in cats but in such cases, the snoring in cats last as long as the sickness last.
  • Everyone knows about asthma, it is the major cause of snoring in humans as well as in cats.
  • If your cat snores in some situations like not all the time, the major reason behind it is some kind of allergic reaction in cats.
  • Some breeds like Persian cats and punch faces cats commonly snores more than any other cat breed.
  • Being short muzzle is also counted in the reasons for cat snore.
  • The cat can snore maybe just because something is stuck in their throat and they are having difficulty in getting it out therefore they snore.
  • When they are tired and stress out, they snore

Why is my Cat Snoring While Awake?

Not most of the time but sometimes cat snores while they are awake. It is generally a low pitched sound which you might hear as a cat snore. While your cat is breathing, a wheezy sound develops that occurs in lungs. The cats snoring and wheezing or stridor usually sounds the same. But yes! In some cases, cats do snore when awake. In such cases consult to your wet as it could be some illness or allergy.

Why my Cat Snores Loud?

Why my cat snores loud, is it dangerous? This question is circulating all over the internet. Here we are going to give you the answer to this. Well as a term, cat snores louder than the normal snores because there might be a chance that the cat is suffering from respiratory distress. It is a life-threatening issue and you must find a proper cure to this before it gets worst. It can lead the cat to some major problems that can even be life risks for the cat.

How to Stop Cat Snores?

Here we are going to tell you some cat snoring remedies you must try to prevent your cat from snoring.

  • The snoring usually occurs due to sleeping positions. Just like humans, a cat can also snore because of their sleeping position. Try to change their sleeping position.
  • If your cat is fat, then make her do some exercises to lose the fat and try to give your cat less food as per routine.
  • Contact your vet and arrange an appointment to figure out what your cat is allergic to and after knowing, avoid all the allergies
  • If you feel that the snoring problem is becoming worse than it is better to operate it before something bad happens. There are many surgical procedures to remove the blockage. Consult with your vet about it.

How to Deal with a Snoring Cat?

There are many ways to deal with the snoring problem of cats which are

  • Just get your cat out of the room to get rid of all the sounds of the snore.
  • Use earplugs to avoid the noise
  • Use noise cancelling ear bands
  • Change the bed of the cat so it might help in to stop cat snoring.


A cat snoring can be risky or normal in different cases. We provide you here with all the information and remedies to stop and prevent snoring problem in cats. Remember one thing, never ignore such sound you hear from your cats as they can lead to major problems. If you hear any wheezing and snoring sound than consult your vet immediately to know about the problem and for finding a solution to that problem.

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