Tips on Handling Aggression Between Cats

Cats can be very territorial. Owners living with multiple cats may have to deal with the occasional fights. However, frequent fighting is definitely something that you need to address before one of them gets seriously injured.

Tips on Handling Aggression Between Cats

No one can exactly understand the relationship between felines. Sometimes they get along perfectly while other times it’s a very difficult situation to say the least. The environment in which cats are raised is firmly believed to play a role however. Those that have been socialized with other cats since a younger age tend to get along better with others. Cats that grew up fighting for survival in the streets tend to be a bit different.

Having to share resources is a common reason for aggression between cats. Cats may fight when it comes to using toys, litter boxes, or food and water bowls. These will be prime areas for fights to break out. Simply try increasing the number of boxes or toys that your cats have to prevent them from arguing over them.

Owners of two same-sex cats may also have problems with fighting, especially if they haven’t been fixed. Males in particular will fight each other for various reasons such as over territory or another female. Getting your cats spayed or neutered around six months of age largely keeps this reason for aggression at bay.

Cats seemingly love routine. Be aware that they can be very sensitive to any changes in their lifestyle. This could be something minor like changing the litter box type or location. Moving homes or even having a new family member come in could also stress them out and lead them to be aggressive with each other.

It’s important that you understand how you correct aggression between cats is vital. If they’re currently in the process of fighting, then try to get their attention without physically touching them. You could easily get scratched or bitten if you try to intervene physically. Make a loud noise by using a whistle or banging two pots together. You can also squirt them with water.

For households with a lot of tension between cats, a good way to try to relieve tension is through the use of pheromones. They make your cats feel pleasant and can eliminate the mood to fight. They’re available as a diffuser, collar, or a spray.

If the fighting is really getting out of hand, you may need to consult with a professional. Some cats benefit from medical intervention to keep their mood under control. Speak with your veterinarian about your options.

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