How do Cats Show Affection to their Owners?

When people compare cats and dogs and how they act with their owners, most of the time the dog is the one that wins the competition. It is believed that dogs are more loving and show their love to humans only because they are very explicit in doing that. They wag their tail every time they greet them, bark and give a lot of kisses.

However, many people would agree, especially all the cat owners out there, that this is not entirely true. Cats are just the same in expressing affection, only they do this in more subtle manners. They have their own special ways of giving love and show appreciation.

How Do Cats Show Affection
How Do Cats Show Affection to Humans?

How Do Cats Show Affection to Humans?

 Cats are really special animals. Nothing gets unnoticed by them, they are always cautious of their surroundings, carefully choose their people and stay loyal to them. Even if your cat doesn’t greet you whenever you come home, this doesn’t mean that she is not happy to see you.

Also, when a cat spends time wandering in your house and not near you all the time, she is actually very relaxed in your company and you should take this as a compliment.

If you are wondering how do cats show their loyalty and affection to their chosen companions, keep on reading. These are our all-time favorite feline gestures that show us how much they love us.

Cat Purring is the First Clue

This incredibly calming and vibrating noise gives you the information that your cat loves you. Purring is the most common way for a cat to show affection and make you relaxed at the same time. When your cat is relaxed, happy and enjoys sitting in your lap she is making sure you realize that she is satisfied and feels safe with you.

Moreover, some scientists believe that purring can heal you. So, if your cat purrs when she is near you it means that she really loves you. However, you need to be aware that a cat might be purring indicating pain or distress. Keep close attention to them when this happens and if you notice that they show some signs of pain, take them to the vet.

Kneading is a Sign of Love

Another common feline behavior is kneading. This expression comes from the fact that this motion resembles a baker kneading dough. And that’s exactly how cats act – they press their paws on people’s chest or lap and do this with a rhythmic motion.

Kneading is considered to be a distinct expression of adoration and it goes back to kittenhood. Kittens knead their mother’s breasts to induce milk, while adult cats do this to express their content. This motion is sometimes accompanied by purring or even drooling which makes the cat be in a trans-like state while kneading.

Grooming you

This might sound strange, but anyone who owns a cat would probably relate to this. There might not be a clearer way for a cat to show you their affection than grooming you. Your feline is trying to show you that she feels safe and comfortable with you and loves to take care of you as well. In this way, cats are also creating a mixture of scents – leaving their scent to you which will help them recognize you anywhere.

Cat Gives Cheek rubs and head-butts

Does your cat often comes to you and rubs her head on your head? If she is, it means that she is trying to show her affection to you. This is a really human-like manner of expressing love because is very similar to cuddling. Head-butting is a social behavior that is learned throughout kittenhood.

When cats are rubbing their cheeks against your head or on your legs while you are walking, they also want to show their trust. They feel safe with you and they also leave their mark on you – by leaving scents on your body. Cats are marking their territory showing everyone that you belong to her.

Eye Blinking

Many believe that when a cat blinks at you she actually gives you a kiss. If a cat looks at you, there are usually two different messages. She can look at you long and without a blink, even staring with eyes wide open. This look is intimidating and it usually means that the cat is scared.

However, if your cat looks at you with half-closed eyes and slowly blinks – then that is love. Next time she blinks at you – blink her back and send her a kiss back.

Cat Shows their belly

It is advised against touching a cat’s belly. If you try and do that, you will probably get a scratch or a bite. Cats feel threatened if you get closer to that area of their body. However, once a cat trusts you and feels safe with you, she will often lie on her back and let you cuddle her on the belly. Another cute way of showing affection, right?

Body Language

There is a lot to learn from a cat’s body language. Naturally, they don’t speak, so this is the only way to show us what they feel. If you take a look at their tail, you can find out if your cat loves you. When your cat lifts her tail up she is trying to show you affection. In this case, she would approach you with an upright tail that is slightly tipped over.

Furthermore, you can notice them sitting near you or follow you everywhere you go by winding their way through your legs. All these things are signs of love from your cat and you should feel grateful if you get them.

To sum up, if you would like to know how cats show affection, it might be best to start observing their behavior. Paying close attention to cats’ body language, actions, and funny gestures might help you intensify your bond with your feline. It is great to feel loved, but even better to give back and appreciate it. Spend more time with your cat and you will realize what kind of magnificent creatures we are blessed to have in our homes.

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