Persian Cat Personality and Characteristic Overview


The Persian cat is one of the most famous cats in the worldPersian cat personality and characteristic make it the most sought pet. However, it also made Persian cat vulnerable for being the target of kitten mills. For the one who doesn’t know about the Persian cat, this article will give an overview of its personality and characteristic.

Let’s start from the personality.

  1. Persian cats are a domestic cat that has a sweet and gentle personality.
  2. Persian cats like serene environment.
  3. They prefer to sleep on the sofa or on the lap and Persian cats are not the types of cats who like bouncing or jumping around.
  4. Once Persian cats trust human they will devote themselves to their human.
  5. Persian cats love to be petted and to be adored though Persian cats do not harass the attention.
  6. Persian cats are intelligent cats. With their expressing eyes and their low voice they could show their need for example when it is time for meal or they want a little play.
  7. Persian cats are indoor cats. If they go outdoor Persian cats are vulnerable of dust and outdoor pollutant.
  8. Though Persian cats are placid cats, they could suddenly burst rolling around the room like any cats do.
  9. Persian cats are friendly to anyone including children and also to other pets.
  10. Persian cats do not mind spending time alone if their human is going to work.

Persian cat personality and characteristic cannot be separated.

Here are the characteristic.

  1. Size: For male Persians, it could be categorized into a large cat because its weight could be more than 12 lbs. For female Persians, it categorized into medium size with its weight range from 8 to 12 lbs.
  2. Eye colors: Persians have varying eye colors like blue, green, and hazel, copper. Usually it related to Persians’ coat color.
  3. Expectation of Longevity: 8-11 years.
  4. Fur: Thick, long and full. Persian cats have highly grooming need.
  5. Physics: Persian cats have round head, large eyes, small ear, flat nose, short neck, short but thick body, short tail and thick legs.
  6. Disease: Persian cat vulnerable to chronic upper respiratory (because of its nose structure) and ocular disease.

The main thing of caring Persian cat personality and characteristic is grooming their fur. Persian cats’ furs are thick and full. They need daily combing or brushing and bathing at least once a month. The owner should bring his Persians’ to the groomer regularly to cut the furs, especially around the anus for preventing the feces stick to furs. Persian cats’ paws also need to be cleaned especially if they regularly use the litter box.

Persian cats are prone to have watery eyes. The owner should regularly wipe the tears from eyes corner before the tears are forming the stain under the eyes. With its thick fur, Persian cats should not be allowed going outdoor. The dust from outside will stick into their furs and their nose structure are vulnerable with dust too. And going outdoor is not compatible too with Persian cat personality.

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