Best Nail Clippers for Cats 2023

In order to trim your cat’s nails, you need to pay full attention and care so that he won’t get accidentally injuries. Sure, every cat owner wants to get a smooth and comfortable experience so that their pet won’t be averse to next grooming.

Therefore, it’s important to know how to properly trim your pet’s nails. To do this, the first thing you need is to choose the right tools for the job done. It may be not easy to choose the best ones if you don’t know what to look for. Keep reading this post, we will help you.

Importance of Trimming Claws

It’s not hard to understand why we need to trim our cat’s claws. If their claws grow too long, they can hurt you if you happen to get in their way. Moreover, their claws may damage your sofa, drapes, carpet, as well as furniture at home.

The fact is that shorter claws can make your cat more relaxed. Trimming claws can help to prevent painful nails once they get caught in the carpet.

Styles of Cat Nail Clippers

When it comes to styles of cat nail clippers, they are divided into 4 main types. Now, let’s learn about each of them as below:

Scissors Style Trimmer

This type is a regular pair of scissors. This type is hard to clip your cat’s nails with a long blade. Also, it offers the contoured cutting edge. So, this device can fit perfectly a nail in. You know, regular scissors are made with straight blades.

Actually, this type is a popular choice because it’s familiar to everyone. It ensures to give your cat’s nails a solid cut because of the most intuitive and simplistic.

Pliers Style Trimmer

This is another style of trimmers. These trimmers are identical to that of regular pliers. If you are looking for a better grip, this type is a good choice for you. These trimmers come with superior leverage. So, they can offer a stronger cut when compared to a scissor style trimmer.

With these trimmers, you can speed up your grooming process. Many cat owners choose this type because of its grip and stronger cut when compared to a scissor style trimmer. These devices can be able to handle tough nails.

Guillotine Style Trimmer

The guillotine style trimmer comes with a ring on the head. Also, it has a blade in close proximity. Actually, this one may be difficult for a novice to deal with because sometimes it’s not easy to anticipate where you will cut.

This trimmer comes with a small gap located between its ring of the head. Moreover, there is the path of the blade. You know, it’s not simple to keep your furry friend for a long time so that you can fit his claw through the ring. But, this will become simple if you work around.

You just need to manage to align properly. Then, it can be very quick to cut. This is also an advantage of this style. You can receive great leverage to make a lot of force thanks to the handles. Therefore, you can easily get clean cuts without having any breaking or splintering.

Electric Style Trimmer

This type is reminiscent of a nail grinder for cats. It comes with the same pitfall. These devices can be able to reduce the risks of trimming too short because of its safety features. Moreover, these trimmers can handle quite well due to an operating perspective.

However, many owners don’t choose this type because of the noise. It can make your cat scared when trimming. Indeed, it’s difficult to keep your pet calm until you finish the trimming process. Also, you have to take some time to trim through your pet’s nails. However, it’s a good option for squirmy cats.

Top 5 Best Cat Nail Clippers

1. Safari 770045 Professional Nail Trimmer

This is a cheap and durable nail trimmer. Also, it’s a lightweight one. This device is easy to use and maneuver. This trimmer is made of stainless steel.

You can get a sharp cutting edge from it. If you are looking for a reasonably priced machine, it’s for you.

It allows you to cut through big claws. Besides, it includes a metal plate. It’s easy to use and control because it has a soft grip.

Moreover, it’s easy to avoid the quick. You won’t worry about cutting the nails too deep. There are locking blades that help to avoid accidental cuts when you don’t use the clipper.

However, this unit has some drawbacks. It can scare your cat because of the noise it makes. Because it is designed with the metal plate, it may become lose after you use it for a few weeks. It has no warranty.

2. Whisker Wishes Veterinarian Grade Pet Clippers

This option is perfect for both left and right-handed people. Just like the previous mentioning, it’s cheap and lightweight. Every cat owner can easily use it.

It’s a good choice for durability because of high-quality stainless steel blades. It helps you handles the thickest of claws. However, you need little pressure if you want to deal with cat claws.

This clipper is great for those who have arthritis because they don’t need a lot of pressure to cut their cat’s claws. You needn’t worry about that it can slip through your fingers because of rubber coated handles.

It provides users with handy tips on how to use the trimmer properly. Then, you can prevent your cat from getting pain during the clipping process. This clipper is available in 2 stylish designs, including white and violet.

Furthermore, this cat clipper can keep your pet calm because it doesn’t make a lot of noise, unlike most products in the market.

However, it comes with no warranty. And, it’s not a great choice for users with large hands to control.

3. Four Paws Magic Coat Cat Claw Clipper

Another lightweight cat clipper is the Four Paws Magic Coat Cat Claw Clipper. It is accompanied by a long warranty for durability. Because it’s lightweight, it’s easy to use and maneuver.

It comes with curved edges, so it’s easy to make a clean cut without breaking or crushing it. You can choose this clipper to cut small cat claws.

Your cat won’t be distracted during the clipping process because this clipper is very quiet. Furthermore, this is a cheap clipper.

However, it comes with small finger holes. So, it’s not great for people with large fingers. Also, it has a too tight hinge. So, it doesn’t offer smooth cuts. Moreover, it can get stuck at times.

4. Cat Nail Clippers by Kitty Nails

Although it’s listed as one of the best nail clippers for cats, it’s not the most durable one. It’s a good choice for vets and professional groomers. You can easily handle because its design is similar to a pair of scissors.

It allows you to easily cut through your cat’s claws without hurting him. Also, it may be used on other animals such as rabbits, dogs, and birds. This clipper is made of high-quality steel for many years long lasting.

This option is ideal for cat owners who don’t have experience in clipping their cat’s claws. It’s an affordable choice.

However, it comes with small finger holes, so it’s hard for people with large fingers to handle it. It may easily get stuck. Plus, it comes with no warranty.

5. Kurma Pet Supplier Best Cat Nail Clipper and Trimmer

This clipper is sharp and easy to use. It comes with a good safety lock feature. So, you can keep it in a closed place. It’s packed with stainless steel blades. It allows you to cut through the thickest of your cat claws.

You can easily clean the blades. Also, this is an adjustable blade, so you can adjust to trim any nail size. It has a guard safety to help you prevent clipping of the quick.

It comes with an instruction card. Read it if you want to know how to use the clipper properly. It’s suitable for most hand sizes. In addition, there is a comfortable grip. So, it’s not essential to worry about that the clipper slipping out of your hands.

However, this product is more expensive a bit when compared to the other clippers in our list today.

How to Select a Cat Nail Clipper

There are some important things you have to look into when choosing a cat nail clipper. Look at the following info for details:


For owners who don’t have pet used to having his claws clipped, it may be a challenge to clip their pet’s nails. That’s why it’s vital to look for a comfortable cat clipper to easily handle. These products allow you to avoid the chances of hurting your pet while clipping his claws.

Experience level

The best clipper for inexperienced users is the scissor style trimmer. On the contrary, the guillotine style trimmers are more suitable for experienced users.

Safety features

Sure, you will want to get a nail trimmed designed with safe locking blades, right? These blades actually allow you to avoid accidents when you don’t use the clipper.


It’s best to look for cat nail clippers made from stainless steel material. They can be able to last for a long time. Also, they ensure to help cut through the thickest of your cat’s nails with ease.


A lightweight cat nail clipper can make it easier to trim your cat’s claws. When looking for a cat nail clipper, you should consider ones that weigh less than a pound. It allows you to easily handle it. Avoid choosing a heavy cat nail clipper.


When shopping for a cat nail clipper, it’s best to choose products that make less noise when in use. In fact, most cats tend to be scared of the noise that nail clippers make. As a result, these cats may run away having their claws trimmed.

How to Trim a Cat’s Nails

After choosing the right nail clipper, the next thing to do is to know how to use it properly. Most vets advice cat owners to trim their cats while still young. This purposes to make your cat get used to the process early.

Don’t forget to make your furry friend relaxed first to use cat claw trimmers safely. To do this, you can teach your pet to lie on his back. Remember to reward him with easy-to-consume treats like small pieces of tuna.

Once your cat feels comfortable, it’s time to make him comfortable when having his claws handled. When clipping his claws, don’t cut the colored pink middle part of the claw. Otherwise, it can lead to bleeding and pain.

Be patient when clipping your pet’s claws. You may have to take 10 minutes to finish this process. If you accidentally cut his claws quickly, apply potassium of permanganate immediately in order to stop the bleeding.

Also, you can use ordinary household flour to prevent the bleeding in around five minutes.


All of the cat nail clipper products mentioned above are solid choices for you when it comes to the best nail clippers for cats. Most of them are reasonably priced, though the Kurma Pet Supplier is more expensive a bit.

Kurma is also our best recommendation for you. There are many reasons for this. We’ve already mentioned previously. That’s just our suggestion. You can still choose other ones. It’s up to you!

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