Are Exotic Shorthair Cats Hypoallergenic?

The Exotic Shorthair resembles that of the Persian and it’s no wonder as they were originally bred as a version of the short-haired breed.

An American breeder developed the Exotic Shorthair in the late 1950s, and was recognized as a new breed in 1966 by the Cat’s Fancier Association (CFA).

From there, this breed gained the status of grand champion in 1971 and was deemed cat of the year in 1991.

Although there are many similarities between the Exotic Shorthair and a Persian, one advantage to owning an Exotic Shorthair is that they have minimal shedding, especially when you compare the two. 

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Is This Breed Hypoallergenic?

Exotic Shorthair cats are not hypoallergenic, but first, let’s look at the definition of what hypoallergenic means.

Hypoallergenic in animals means that there is less chance that a person will have an allergic reaction. This applies to both cats and dogs; the only difference with cats is that they can cause more reactions in people who are prone to allergies.

Cats have a protein called FEL d 1, which is produced in their saliva. Owners acquire this protein on their skin after petting their feline, which then induces an allergic response.

There really is no such thing as a cat that is one hundred percent hypoallergenic for this very reason. Cat dander can also lead to allergies and are usually accelerated by the FEL d 1 protein

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Do Exotic Shorthairs Shed?

Exotic Shorthairs are what we refer to as seasonal shedders. When fall rolls around they will shed their coat in preparation to grow their winter coat and in the summer they will shed that coat to stay cool.

Typically, they do not shed as much as compared to long hair breeds, but do in fact, shed more than some of their shorthair counterparts. It is helpful to groom an Exotic Shorthair routinely to maintain shedding. 

The Coat Of An Exotic Shorthair

The coat on this breed is dense and soft with a thick undercoat. It grows to a medium length and comes in many colors, shades, and patterns.

The colors are familiar with that of the Persian with white, silver, blue, and brown being the most common. 

Personality Of The Exotic Shorthair?

The Exotic Shorthair has a calm disposition. They are very affectionate and loyal to their owners. They may not have as much energy compared to other breeds but are still very playful.

They dislike being left alone and need stimulation throughout the day to keep themselves from becoming bored. Items such as scratching posts and moving cat toys can help with this.

If you are looking for a cat that will follow you around the house and sit on your lap in the evenings, then the Exotic Shorthair would be the perfect breed. 

Do Exotic Shorthairs Make Good House Pets?

These cats make an impressive addition to a family. They tend to thrive as indoor pets, but would do just as well outside.

Most owners with this breed choose to have them as indoor cats to avoid potential theft as they can range in price from fifteen hundred to two thousand dollars.

If you choose to afford your Exotic Shorthair some outdoor time, an enclosed cat structure in your backyard or balcony is an option.

Weight And Lifespan

The weight of an Exotic Shorthair can range from six to thirteen pounds, with males usually weighing more than females. They have a lifespan of fifteen years and up.


The face on this breed closely resembles that of a Persian with its flattened muzzle, large round eyes, small ears, and a massive round head in proportion to the rest of its body.

Its body is low to the ground with short legs, large round paws, and a short tail with a rounded top. 

Health Conditions

Brachycephalic airway obstructive syndrome

This condition causes airway abnormalities because of this breed’s flattened muzzle and short nose. This can cause inflammation in the airways, making it difficult to breathe.

Some symptoms are: noisy and open-mouth breathing, wheezing, snoring, and needing to keep the chin elevated when sleeping. Surgery is usually recommended if symptoms are severe.

Brachycephalic airway obstructive syndrome – Wikipedia


 This is a condition in mother cats and refers to a labored birth because of the large skulls of the kittens.

Contact a veterinarian if labor lasts over twenty-four hours or if the mother is having contractions lasting for over an hour without giving birth.

Feline polycystic kidney disease

This is an inherited disease leading to kidney failure due to the development of fluid-filled cysts within the kidneys.

Some symptoms are vomiting, weight loss, excessive thirst, and increased urination. Unfortunately, there is no cure and the only treatment available is through diet and medication.

The prognosis of this disease depends on the cat’s condition. Cats who have this disease should be spayed or neutered as it can be passed to their offspring. 

Calcium oxalate urolithiasis

This is an accumulation of stones in the urinary tract caused by the excessive protein. Symptoms can include meowing while urinating, and an enlarged abdomen. Treatment is usually surgery to remove the stones.

Exotic Shorthair Fun Facts

  • These cats are not really large, they are just big-boned.
  • They are quiet cats.
  • They love to cuddle, and can often be found in their owner’s laps
  • Strangers refer to these cats as snobs.
  • Love to play and spend time with their owners.
  • There are two types of this breed: traditional and extreme. Traditional have longer noses and their faces are not as flat as compared to the extreme type. The extreme type has a flatter face, a shorter nose, and bigger eyes. 
  • This breed is expensive, costing up to $2000
  • Garfield is a famous Exotic Shorthair cartoon character
  • This breed is one of the most popular today

Final Thought

An Exotic Shorthair is perfect for those wanting a cuddle buddy. However, like most cats, they are not recommended if you have severe allergies.

Some owners do just fine with allergy medication, while others decide that this is not the breed for them. It’s wise to consult with your doctor beforehand. 

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