Which Cat Litter Do You Need?

No one really likes to deal with cat litter but if you have a cat in your home, it’s a necessity. So, the question becomes, which cat litter do you need? Or which one is best for your situation? If you choose a cat litter that your cat doesn’t like, he probably won’t use it and he will likely eliminate inappropriately. That means he will potty somewhere outside the litter box – and no one wants that to happen!

How to Choose a Cat Litter

Choosing the Right Cat Litter

How to Choose a Cat Litter

There are several basic kinds of cat litter made today:

  1. Clumping clay cat litter is widely available. Most cats like it and it’s easy to clean up the litter box with this kind of litter. Any moisture in the litter will form a nice “clump” that is easy to remove. However, it tends to be dusty and heavy.
  2. Non-clumping clay cat litter is another option. This kind of clay litter is not as easy to clean and you have to clean the litter box more often. That’s because it doesn’t form those nice, easy to remove clumps.
  3. Some cat lovers like to use crystals as litter. Crystals are made from silica gel – the same desiccant that is used to keep clothes, shoes, and other products dry. They absorb lots and lots of liquid. Crystals are very good at controlling odor and they last a long time. They also cut down on microbes that can produce bacteria. However, crystal cat litter tends to be more expensive than other kinds of cat litter. Plus, it can be hazardous to your cat if she eats or licks any of the crystals that might stick to her fur. In addition, some cats don’t like to walk to crystals so they can be less inclined to use this kind of litter.
  4. There are also biodegradable cat litters made from materials such as wheat, corn, pine, and even newspapers. These litters don’t usually clump but they are normally low-dust or no-dust. The one drawback is if your cat has an allergy to one of these ingredients, she will often have a reaction to the litter since cats usually manage to eat or lick some of the litter when they are grooming themselves.

The cat litter you choose for your cat will probably depend on which litter your cat likes the best. If you’re not sure which litter to get, you can narrow down your choices and try a couple of different litters in different litter boxes. See which litter your cat prefers.


No matter which cat litter you ultimately decide to get, remember that it’s important to change the litter regularly. Cats will not use a dirty litter box so the cleaner you keep the box, the more your cat will appreciate it and use it. If you don’t change the litter box often enough to please your cat, she can start exhibiting behavior problems and showing you how unhappy she is about the situation.

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