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5 Of The Best Cat Litter Boxes For Traveling 2020

Traveling with a cat is never an easy feat. Cats like routine and predictability, which is why traveling with them, if not on a regular basis, is stressful for both the cat and the owner. When you face the inevitability of needing to travel with your furry friend, be it for a vacation, a trip […]

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House Training: Guide to the Cat Litter Box

What type and size of litter box should I buy ? Initially, the size of the litter box should be determined by the size of the kitten or cat. A very small kitten may need a box with shorter sides for easier access. As the kitten grows, a larger box is appropriate. When finished growing, […]

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A Great Way to Litter Cleaning and Maintenance?

Cats are clean and fastidious animals. They don’t like a smelly, messy litter box, anymore than one would like using an un-flushed toilet. In fact they’d rather “go” outside. It’s possible they’ll be healthier with this method too. Cats’ origins are arid, desert, environments, thus the burying of feces in sandy, loose, soil ( like litter […]

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