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The Importance of Kitten Collars

Kittens are naturally curious creatures. If they are kept inside your house, there is a big chance that they can sneak and explore the outdoors. Most of the time they get lost finding them is really hard. If they have a collar on, the person who finds your cat will know that somebody owns it. […]

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Nutrition for Kittens and Cats

Food Choice and Vitamins What type of food should I feed my kitten and/or cat? Until your kitten is a year old, he or she should be eating a kitten formula food. Other life-stage food formulas do not provide the proper balance of calories and nutrients needed for a growing cat. As a general rule, […]

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Are You Losing Your Kittens

As cat breeders, we want to do everything possible to assure the birthing of healthy litters of kittens. Not only is this desirable from an economical stand point, but in most of the cases we have planned each litter carefully, with the idea that from this breeding hopefully will come that great cat. The cat […]

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