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One of the best cat trees for large cats

Introduction Do you have a large cat who topples ordinary cat trees? Is he too big to fit comfortably in most cat trees or is he in danger of knocking them over when he leaps on them? Many people today do have very big cats. Fortunately, there are some companies that make cat trees that […]

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How To Choose A Cat Tree

Does your cat like to climb? My cats have always loved to leap from one high place to another. They love to perch up above everything, surveying everything below. Before cat trees were so popular, they would leap on top of  bookshelves, the fireplace mantel, or the piano. They would also claw the furniture and […]

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Choosing the Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

Introduction Most pet cats today live indoors most or all of the time. In urban areas, especially, it can be quite dangerous for cats to wander the streets. Consequently, most of us have to find ways to make our homes “cat-friendly” .Veterinarians and behavior experts say that it’s important for a cat’s physical health and […]

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How to Build a Cat Tree from Wood and Carpeting

Introduction In a group setting like ours with a lot of cats using our cat trees, and some with unfortunate spraying habits, traditional carpeted trees with carpet or sisal posts just don’t hold up. They tear up quickly and also absorb odors and are impossible to clean. So I resorted to designing and building our […]

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