Cute and Cuddly: More About Persian Kittens

Persian Cats are known for their gentle and sweet nature. It is a popular breed of cat in America and Europe. They were first introduced in Europe during the 16th century. They were brought by travelers and traders from Turkey.

Chocolate Persian Kitten

Chocolate Persian Kitten – Doll Face Persian Kittens

They can be easily distinguished by their long fur. These breed rapidly became a favorite until now. These cats make perfect companions because they are very loyal and playful.

Persian kittens are widely available in most pet stores. There are also some that are up for adoption. Persian cats have generally seven color classes. These are solid colors, silver and golden, shaded and smoke, parti-color, tabby, bi-color, Himalayan, and calico.

Persian kittens can grow to weigh up to 12 pounds. This breed has an average lifespan of ten to eighteen years. Though these cats make great companions, they are not suitable for the outdoors. Their long fur easily gets dirty and sooner will get damaged.

When you have a Persian cat, you will need to groom it regularly. Short-haired Persian cats do not need frequent grooming but long-haired ones need at least fur brushing daily. Kittens should be bathed regularly using cat shampoos so that their coat will remain healthy and tangle-free. Doing that will make them get used to bathing until their adult years.

This breed also has big eyes. This also causes problems for them. Sometimes fur gets into their eyes. It causes matting of the fur inside their eyes. An owner must also regularly check for this one to make sure that it does not cause serious problems.

Persian kittens are prone to sickness and ailments during the first six months of their lives. So you must have them regularly checked by a veterinarian. Feed them with only cat food. Not table scraps or dog food.

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