Choosing the Best Cat Trees for Large Cats in 2022

Cat Trees for Large Cats

Most pet cats today live indoors most or all of the time. In urban areas, especially, it can be quite dangerous for cats to wander the streets. Consequently, most of us have to find ways to make our homes “cat-friendly”.

Veterinarians and behavior experts say that it’s important for a cat’s physical health and emotional well-being to feel comfortable in the home. That means that we have to address the cat’s environmental needs.

These needs include the cat’s desire to be alone at times, to “perch” or take up a high position so they can see everything, and even to hide sometimes. One way to provide for these needs is by giving your cat a good cat tree.

The best cat trees for large cats

#1. SONGMICS 67” Multi-Level Cat Tree

This multi-level cat tree with sisal-covered scratching posts, perches, and condos is really an activity center for cats! Perfect for large cats and multiple cat homes.

Made by Songmics, the 67” tall cat tree provides your cat with a combination tower and playhouse!

With luxurious multiple levels, it has two roomy condos for your cat to nap and hide, plus three perches covered with extra thick soft plush.

The ramp/slope is sisal-covered for your cat to scratch. The posts (3.38 inches in diameter) are reinforced and wrapped in natural sisal, too, giving your cat more scratching options.

The Songmics cat tree is constructed of CARB-certified natural particle boards and strengthened with battens at the bottom to make it extra stable.

Fittings are included to ensure the tree won’t topple. Comes with a 30-month warranty and 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. Size and dimentions: 23.6 x 21.6 x 67 inches ; 60 pounds.

#2. Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree

Go Pet Club 72” High Cat Tree Condo is 72 inches tall at the tallest point. It features three perches, two condos – and two toy mice!

It’s perfect for multi-cat homes so your cats can each sit on their own perch. It has lots of room for your cats to play and lounge.

All together there are 10 posts covered in sisal rope for your cats to scratch on – so your cats will leave your nice furniture alone.

The other covering on the floor and condos is faux fur. The board material is made of compressed wood.

It’s easy to assemble with step by step instructions and tools included. Even fatty cats will love this cat tree and the condos!

#3. Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo

Armarkat makes this attractive cat tree/furniture condo. This model is 70 to 77 inches tall but it also comes in other sizes.

This is a great unit for anyone with a large cat. It’s perfect for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising. The cat tree is made from pressed with and has a faux fur covering.

Looks great in any room of your home. Easy to assemble. Comes with an instruction manual, hammock, and the tools needed to put it together.

Armarkat brand (part of AeroMark) has been making cat trees and pet beds for the last 20 years. They are well-known for producing reliable quality products with endurance and style.

Their cat trees blend with any décor. They have sturdy bases with easy-to-assemble structures. And the company uses only pet-friendly materials. Replacement parts are available if you ever need them.

#4. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

This Go Pet Club Cat Tree/Furniture is 62 inches tall. This model is beige but it also comes in black and brown.

The size is 38 inches wide by 27 inches long. It weighs 42 pounds. This cat tree is perfect for cats of all sizes, including large cats.

It has lots of sisal rope on the posts to encourage your cat to scratch. It also has a basket for sleeping; a hammock; a ladder; and a condo; as well as perches. It even has a small tunnel!

The unit is made from pressed wood and covered with soft faux fur. It comes with step by step instructions and the tools needed to assemble it.

#5. Molly and Friends Cradle and Post

If you want just one simple piece of cat furniture, the Molly and Friends Cradle and Post could be what you need for your large cat.

It’s a cradle on top of a 27-inch sisal-wrapped scratching post. The cradle provides a large rest area for any cat, no matter how big!

Even if you have a very big kitty – or more than one cat, if she’s willing to share space – there is room to stretch out.

Natural thick sisal rope lets your cat dig her claws into the post and scratch. The premium quality cat furniture is made in the U.S.A. No assembly required.

The furniture is solidly built. It’s handmade and not “modular.” This is a sturdy, upright post that your cat can climb, scratch, and sleep on top of without fear of it coming apart.

This is a real lookout tower for your cat. The tower is made from a solid pine pole and uses heavy duty screws and bolts.

This unit stands 34 inches tall on a base that is 18 by 18 inches. Comes in beige. As one pleased customer said, it’s the perfect size to be useful and not take over the room – unlike some very big cat trees.

#6. CatTreeKing – Corner Cat Tree XXL Light Grey

Your heavy cat will love the Cat Tree King Cat Tree for Large Cats. All of the poles of this big cat tree are fully covered with sisal rope from top to bottom so your cat can scratch to his heart’s content! The sisal is glued directly to the poles so if your cat breaks the rope, it won’t roll off the pole.

The poles are made of strong ABS material so they’re very sturdy. The panels of the Cat Tree King Cat Tree are high quality plush at the bottom and top so there is no unfinished wood.

This is unique among cat trees. The plush is glued to the panels over the entire surface so your cat can’t pull it loose.

The hammocks are weight-tested up to 44 pounds so they can hold even the heaviest cats! The cat tree is 59 inches tall and weighs 105 pounds so you know it will stand up to your big cat!

The poles are 5 inches wide. Total size 59x24x22 inch. Comes in Light Grey. This tree is expensive compared to some other cat trees, though it is quality workmanship. 

#7. Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

Go Pet Club is well-known for making cat tree furniture. This 72-inch High Loft has multiple condos, perches, and sisal rope-covered posts for scratching.

The board panels are covered in faux fur. Boards are made of wood. It’s easy to assemble with step-by-step instructions and tools included.

They report that it is easy to put together but some had minor problems. They also report that most cats like the tree but not all.

In a multiple cat home, three cats might love the cat tree and one won’t go near it for whatever reason.

#8. CozyCatFurniture Big Kitty

The CozyCatFurniture Big Kitty Condo Cat Furniture for Large Cats is a good choice for large cats. It’s not as tall as some cat trees and it’s very stable and durable.

The bed on top can support the biggest cat. Comes with a sisal rope scratching area a free cat toy is attached to the top nest.

Made in the USA with only the best materials. This is one of the best cat condos in the pet market and it fits anywhere in your home. Size: 20″ W x 20″ L x 33″ H. Covered in plush carpet.

Made with solid wood posts. The base is 20” x 20”; the Condo is 14.5” x 14.5”. It has no glue or toxic materials. Ships fully assembled. Hand-built. Five Colors Available: Beige, Brown, Blue, Gray and Green. Carpet Color Shades May Vary.

Why does your cat need a cat tree?

Outdoors, cats can get plenty of exercise. They can have time alone when they want it. They have no trouble sharpening their claws on trees or logs.

They can play, climb, hide and do whatever they feel like doing. Most pet cats today live indoors. That means that it’s up to you to provide all of these opportunities for your cat.

Your cat needs an environment where he can still play and have some privacy. He needs to be able to scratch, climb, hide and so on.

A good cat tree with multiple features is one of the best ways to provide these opportunities for your cat indoors.

Types of Cat Trees for Big Cats

As cats have become more popular, the field of cat furniture has expanded. Today you can find all kinds of furniture for cats. There are now different kinds of cat trees, too.

There are cat trees that feature lots of perches. Some cat trees have kitty condos. Some have hammocks. Some cat trees emphasize scratching posts. And some deluxe models combine lots of features. They can have perches, condos, hammocks, and scratching posts.

Even big cats like to climb, so one type of cat tree to consider is a tree that has perches and sleeping spots up high. Multiple perches are also a good choice if you have more than one big cat.

A staggered tower can also be a good choice. These towers have platforms at varying levels. Your cat can jump from level to level. If you have more than one cat, they don’t have to look at each other when they’re resting.

A climbing cat tree with various levels and condos is also a good choice since it gives your cat lots of options. Especially popular are versions that will fit in a corner. Cat trees that emphasize scratching, with sisal or carpet-covered boards, are also a good choice for large kitties.

They like to sharpen their claws as much as any cat. If your big cat likes to run, play, and climb, look for a sturdy tree with lots of features like ladders, scratching posts, and sleeping spots. These trees often have hanging, swinging toys, too.

Hammocks are also a nice feature that many cats enjoy as a sleeping spot. They are usually detachable so you can remove the hammock if your cat doesn’t like it.

Other types of cat trees for heavy cats feature tunnels and even stacked beds. Sometimes it’s not about how high the tree is but about having a comfy place that your cat can call his own. Not all big cats want to climb and jump, especially as they get older.

You can really find just about any kind of tree that your cat might like. Just make sure that it’s well-made and uses safe, sturdy materials. The important thing when choosing a cat tree is to select one that your cat will like.

You know your cat best so try to get a tree that will appeal to your cat. Not every cat will like a condo or a hammock though some cats will love them. Many cats love to perch high – but not all. Get what your cat will like or, chances are that your cat won’t use the cat tree.

How to Choose the Best Cat Tree for Heavy cats

When looking for a cat tree for a large cat you should look for the following characteristics:

  • Make sure the cat tree is sturdy. It should not wobble or your large cat may feel insecure. If your cat doesn’t feel secure he might stop using the tree. The cat tree should have a good, solid base and be made of good materials.
  • Make sure the perches are big enough to support your cat. Large cats are often too big to fit on the perches and in the hammocks that come with regular cat trees. A good large cat tree should have perches and hammocks that are big enough to accommodate your cat and make him feel secure. Remember, if you have multiple cats, you should look for a large cat tree with multiple perches and hammocks.
  • Consider the height of the tree. A cat tree for large cats should be large enough to make your cat happy but if it’s too tall it could overpower your room. Most people don’t really want a cat tree that looms over the entire room.
  • If you plan to include a kitty condo with the cat tree, make sure that it’s large enough for your large cat. Many cat condos are made for small and medium-sized cats or even kittens. Large cats can’t fit in them comfortably. Cats love to nap and hide in condos so make sure your big cat  will be able to use the condo.
  • If you want to include other features with your cat tree, make sure they are large enough for your big cat. These features can include baskets and ladders, along with hammocks (see above) and other extras. If they aren’t big enough for your cat, chances are that your cat won’t use them or they will quickly be broken.
  • Scratching posts are another feature that are usually a part of a cat tree. For large cats, make sure the scratching post or ramp is sturdy so it will hold up to serious scratching. Sisal makes a good covering. Carpet is sometimes used but after a cat scratches it for a while it may need to be replaced.

For scratching posts we recommend posts that are covered with sisal rope or carpet. If you’re buying a cat tree with condos, check the size of the condos and the openings. You want to make sure that your large cat will fit into them.

Many cat condos are on the small side. Many people will also want to make sure that a cat tree looks good in their home so consider the color and appearance of the tree.

Cat trees covered in carpet or plush are often a neutral color so they will blend in with the furniture in a home. If you need a different color, some companies make cat trees in non-neutral colors.

The benefits of cat trees for large cats

Large cats, in particular, can benefit from the exercise that comes with climbing and jumping up on cat trees. Even large cats can enjoy some kitty olympics! It doesn’t matter if your big cat likes to sleep.

With a cat tree, curiosity usually wins out and your cat can’t keep from exploring and climbing to the highest perch. If you have more than one cat, a cat tree can allow your cats to separate and have some time apart from each other.

Having a cat tree is a good way to help avoid a fight. According to cat experts, a dominant cat will often take a position on the higher perch on the cat tree, showing that she has a higher social position than another cat.

She has established her position without any need for the two cats to fight in the house. If one of your cats is timid around people, a cat tree can be a good place for your cat to perch. She doesn’t have to come down when strangers visit but she can stay in the room to observe.

Some cat trees have hollowed out spaces so a cat can hide, which cats like to do sometimes. It gives them a sense of safety and peace. They can watch without being seen. Cat trees can also be very helpful if you have a dog in the house. If a dog is being annoying, your cat can retreat to safety high above the dog’s head on a perch!

Humans look at the world horizontally but cats are different. They see the world vertically. Your cat looks at things and knows that she can go UP!

Cat trees allow your cat the opportunity to climb and perch so she can monitor everything. Cats like to be above it all, both literally and figuratively. Many cat trees are also covered with material that makes them a good scratching post.

Your cat can sharpen her claws without using your expensive furniture. Sisal is a good material that is often used to cover the posts on a cat tree. The bottom line: Cat trees can enrich and enliven any cat’s life.

Build a Cat Tree

You can decide whether you want your cat’s tree to include things like condos, baskets, hammocks, ladders, and other extras. These can be fun features for your cat. Some cats like to sleep in kitty condos but if they are included you should make sure they will be large enough for your adult cat.

Some condos are small enough for kittens to sleep and play in but they may not be big enough for large adult cats. Some cats enjoy sleeping in baskets and hammocks so if your cat likes to sleep in things that swing you can look for these features.

Scratching posts are an important feature in most cat trees. Look for a tree that has posts with a good material so your cat can scratch and sharpen her claws. Sisal – a material used for making ropes and rugs – is a good choice.


Cat trees can be an important part of a cat’s home environment. With so many cats living indoors a cat tree is a great way for cats to have an opportunity to climb, exercise, sharpen their claws, perch in high places, get away from another cat or dog in the home, and sleep peacefully.

All of these things are important for your cat’s emotional and physical health. If you’ve had an unhappy cat you know how their attitude can negatively affect everything in their life, including their physical health.

Making your cat’s environment more fun and interesting with a cat tree is an important way to keep her happy and healthy. The best cat trees for large cats will be sturdy and provide good perches. They should also have good posts for scratching. We hope you and your cat like the cat trees we have recommended.

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