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Kitten Care Guide – What You Need to Know

Introduction Welcome to the hardest job you’ll ever love! The best part of my job, working with Homeless Cats, is caring for the newborns. This is not an easy task but a more rewarding one I’ve yet to find. I always say if people would spay/neuter their animals they just might put me out of […]

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How To Take Care Of A New Kitten – What You Must Know

The manner in which you raise your kitten from the early, formative months to adulthood is of the utmost importance. Taking the time to socialize and train your kitten will prove WELL WORTH IT! Only you can make the difference between owning a well-behaved, loving adult cat or an aggressive, frightened, destructive, and/or shy cat. One must take […]

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4 Not To Miss Tips For New Cat Owners

When you have a cat or for that issue any pet, there are number of does and don‘t. Cats have not one resemblance to pooches and they more often than not show somewhat more mentality, Cats can be prepared and we simply need to know how to do as such. There are various tips for […]

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Why Cat toys are important

We’ve all seen those funny pictures of fat cats; some are even on greeting cards along with birthday jokes about eating all the cake. They are cute, funny and you just want to hug that fat cat. The truth is that these fat cats are not as healthy as they should be. Fat cats need […]

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