10 Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

Before starting the tips let me ask you! Do you know how to talk to Your Cat?

  • Yes, meow means something!
  • What does it mean, you ask?
  • Good question. It’s about the same as aloha in hawaiian.
  • The meaning changes.
  • Context matters hugely. Is it a mean meow, or a friendly one?
  • What about the Cat’s body action? Is he facing towards you, or away?
  • Is the tail curled, or lying flat against the floor?
  • Depending on these points, “meow” could mean “let’s watch a movie together” or “boy am i thirsty right now.”
  • So getting the tone and body language right is critical!
  • Finally there’s a quick guide on the bare essentials of Cat communication to give you a starting point into the fascinating world of feline communication, both verbal and nonverbal
  • A guide, written by a phd animal communications expert, will help you learn a few things Your Cat tries to tell you every day – that you’re almost certainly ignoring right now.
keeping a happy Cat

Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

Keeping a Cat is not an obvious and easy thing to do. Cats are great pets to have and many people opt to have cats as their companions. Cats can be very loving animals if treated correctly.

However, so many people have not a clue about what it takes to keep a happy Cat. Cat care is as important is it is with all other pets. Cats are probably one of the easiest pets to care for aside from fish. And Keeping your cat happy is relatively easy as well.

Keeping a happy Cat involves serving it a healthy, enjoyable meal. Many people will feed their pets food such as eggs and milk and not much else. These are not exclusively healthy foods for the pet and in fact, Cats need a balanced healthy diet that includes vitamins as well as enough proteins.

An important tip in keeping a happy Cat is keeping it indoors most of the time. Although cats are nocturnal animals and tend to want to hunt more in the night they risk night time accidents when they are left to wander at night. Keeping your cat in a good space with things to do in the house will ensure it is less aggressive and also that it is safe. Keeping a happy cat requires that you exercise the pet mentally as well as physically. Cats are active most of the time when hunting but when they are not it is great exercise to play with them.

There are Cat toys that can be purchased to keep Your Cat active as well. Grooming will guarantee that you are able to make your cat happy to be with you. Cleaning and brushing the pet keeps away dangerous parasites and will keep your pet from having a bad odor.

The majority of Cat owners want to keep their pet safe and healthy so the animal can have a long, happy life but some people do not know much about cat health. Caring for cats can be challenging but pet owners who are aware of potential hazards have an easier time avoiding disaster. Here are ten ways people can keep their cats healthy throughout the years.

10 Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy

#1. Keep Cats indoors

Outdoor Cats face many dangers. They can be hit by a car, eat poisonous plants or run into a human that is cruel to animals.

Outdoor Cats can get into dangerous fights with feral cats, unleashed dogs, raccoons and other wildlife. Since outdoor cats are exposed to wild animals, contaminated garbage and other unsanitary outdoor areas it is likely that they will become sick at some point.

#2. Provide a clean and safe home environment

Cats that live in a dirty or cluttered home are more likely to become stressed or ill. They may be exposed to dangerous bacteria or mold that will harm their health. Cats that live in a clean environment are happier and healthier but pet owners should remember to use household cleaners that are safe for pets.

#3. Stay up to date on immunizations

Immunizations are essential to Cat health. They protect cats from many deadly diseases. Cats should receive their first set of immunizations by the time they are three months of age but it is never too late for a cat to receive their shots.

#4. Spay and neuter

Animals that are not spayed or neutered are more likely to roam and indoor Cats may become lost or injured if they get outside. Unfixed male cats will spray urine in different areas of the home to mark their territory and females will spray while in heat. Female cats that are not spayed can develop mammary cancer or reproductive tract tumors or infections.

#5. Keep Your Cat free of parasites

Both indoor and outdoor Cats can get worms after ingesting parasites. Cats with worms do not always have obvious symptoms so it is important for people to bring their cats to the vet for regular check ups that include worming tests and treatments.

#6. Avoid kennel stays

Cats can contract a wide variety of illnesses from spending time in a pet boarding facility. People should try to keep their Cat at home when they travel rather than placing the animal in a local kennel. A professional pet sitter can visit the home each day to care for cats while the owners is away.

#7. Healthy diet

Cats should eat pet food that contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals they need. The more expensive pet foods usually contain higher quality ingredients. People should be careful not to over feed their Cats because overweight animals experience a wide variety of health problems.

#8. Exercise

Many indoor Cats do not get enough exercise. People can encourage their Cat to exercise by playing with their pet each day. Pet owners should invest in a laser pointer because most cats love to chase the light throughout the house.

#9.  Lock poisonous substances away

Some Cats get into everything. Raisins, grapes, vitamins, alcohol and cigarettes can all make cats sick. Certain houseplants are toxic to Cats so people need to learn which species are safe and which are deadly. Chemical cleaners such as bleach and disinfectant products should always be kept safely locked away.

#10. Create safe surroundings

Thousands of Cats are hurt each year after they eat a sewing needle, walk across a hot stove burner or step in broken glass. Pet owners need to make sure that they put needles and other small, sharp objects up away from their pets. People should never leave the stove alone while cooking and should keep glass ornaments away from their pets as well.

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